Spider-Man 3, Button Man, Superman, Ghost Rider: May 20th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "That '70s Show" actor Topher Grace has signed on to play one of two villains (alongside Thomas Haden Church) in the next web-spinning sequel. As of now, no information has been revealed on which villains will test Peter Parker's mettle in the film, slated for release May 4, 2007.


Variety reports (subscription required) that producers Roger Kass and Josh Braun (currently working on "A History of Violence") will next adapt the John Wagner/Artur Ranson graphic novel "Button Man" for the silver screen.


There's a new video blog up at BlueTights.net, looking at an enormous "gimbal" that the special effects team created for the film.


The official site has been launched by Sony Pictures, with nothing more than a flaming Hellcycle to whet your appetite.


Director Joss Whedon talked to Now Playing magazine about getting historical with Themyscria's Finest. "For starters, he says that the film will be set in the modern world – despite previous TV and comic incarnations that have placed the character in the past. 'It goes back to World War II,' he says of the source material. 'This will be in the modern day, but Wonder Woman herself will never be in the modern day.'"


There's an update on the people behind the sequel over at X-Men Films by bringing along Oscar-winning costume designer Judianna Makovsky, "X2" veteran Helen Jarvis has signed on as a second art director, and Oscar-winner John Bruno will serve as visual effects supervisor.

At presstime, the Comic Reel received an email from a source who wished to remain anonymous, who wrote, "Maggie Grace was told her character would be killed off of 'Lost' if she took the 'X-Men' movie and now cannot be in it. They have already moved on to other actresses." The brutal Hollywood machine ...


Wikipedia has a partial list of unconfirmed episode titles for episodes #27-39.


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