Spider-Man 3 Breaks The Bank Internationally

As the hype builds, the film is already making waves in the business world. The Hollywood Reporter headline declared, "'Spider-Man 3' snares web of first-day records," noting " the comic-book franchise snared $29.2 million in a May 1 blast-off in 16 overseas markets, topping 'Spider-Man 2's' bow in the same territories by 86% and that of the original by 175%." Superhero Hype backs that up with data saying that advance ticket sales are surging, accounting for 94% of all weekly ticket sales on the site (as of Wednesday, May 2, 9:00 a.m. PT) and selling out so many shows in advance that more screenings are being added nationwide. "'Spider-Man 3' has been dominating our ticket sales for several weeks," says Fandango VP of Marketing, Ted Hong. "Given the enormous popularity of the first two 'Spider-Man' movies, and the fast pace of our ticket sales, 'Spider-Man 3' should be a great kick-off for a memorable summer season."

This leads us to an IGN article which continues the "will they or won't they" speculation about the sequel with Sam Raimi gossiping to a Fox News columnist about what will surely be brutal contract negotiations.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, Cinemablend has a rumor that actress Mandy Moore is one of the actresses in line to replace Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in a theoretical forth film.

CBR News will continue to follow developments on this story as they come.

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