"Spider-Man 3" Breaks Records - All Of Them

As readers learned Saturday, "Spider-Man 3" had a smashing good time Friday night, hauling in an estimated $59 million at the box office, which accounted for the all-time biggest gross for any film in a single day. But the record smashing didn't end there.

We begin in the States, where "Spider-Man 3" hauled in an estimated $148 million over the three day weekend, at the high end of projections. This makes it the largest opening weekend for any film, breaking the record set last summer by "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," which was beat by about $13 million, according to a Reuters report.

"Spider-Man 3" also spun its web around international records as well. Since its international debut on May 1st, the flick has gobbled up $227 million from 107 international markets, besting the $155 million dollar opening set by the "Da Vinci Code" last year. "Spider-Man 3" set opening-weekend records in numerous territories, over two dozen in fact, including South Korea, China, Russia, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Japan, where it pulled in $26.5 million this past weekend. Additionally, Britain saw $23 million in ticket sales, with France selling $22 million worth.

The film has brought in an estimated $375 million in world wide ticket sales thus far.

With the success of the three films thus far, it's clear Sony will not let this franchise die any time soon. A script for "Spider-Man 4" is being written, but no talent deals have been signed yet.

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