"Spider-Man 3" Box Office Watch, Day One

In the weeks leading up to the release of "Spider-Man 3," the question wasn't if it would do well, but rather how well it would do and which, if any, records would fall as a result? With only one day in theaters, it's already breaking records.

In fact, the records began falling prior to it's opening in America. As reported earlier this week, the film broke a slew of international records by gobbling up $29.2 Million in a May 1st opening in 16 overseas markets, topping "Spider-Man 2's" bow by an astonishing 86%.

The next record to fall would be the number of screens "Spider-Man 3" debuted on - over 10,000 screens at 4,252 theaters nationwide. That wide opening contributed to the all-time biggest gross for a single day, an estimated $59 Million on Friday alone according to the web site BoxOfficeMojo.com. The previous record holder was Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," which captured $55.8 million it's opening day last July, going on to a record-breaking $135.6 million dollar opening weekend. Sony Pictures has projected that "Spider-Man 3" would generate between $135 - $145 million its opening weekend. With a reported budget of $258 million, "Spider-Man 3" looks to be making that back and more in quick fashion.

The questions that remain now are will "Spider-Man 3" best that opening weekend numbers of "Dead Man's Chest" and will it maintain that record when "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" debuts on May 25th?

The pre-release excitement for "Spider-Man 3's" release has been enormous and was celebrated across the country with midnight screenings on Thursday and other events tied-in with today's Free Comic Book Day. Additionally, an unexpected guest appearance took place at a theater in Hollywood Friday night. Before each showing of a film at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles, a theater employee comes out to introduce the film that's about to be presented. During the 8:30 showing in the Arclight's Cineramadome, a lone individual came out to introduce that film without any fanfare. "Spider-Man 3" star Tobey Maguire took on the role of Arclight Theater employee, asking people to please turn off their cell phones, gave the film's running time, introduced the film and its many stars. By the time Maguire was finished, theater goers clued in to who the theater employee actually was, setting the tone for a wild and raucous showing of "Spider-Man 3."

Look for more coverage of "Spider-Man 3's" opening weekend tomorrow and don't miss the CBR Review of "Spider-Man 3."

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