Spider-Man 3, 300, Transformers, Smallville: January 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Mania.com has a closer look at Harry Osborn's new outfit, which is all shiny and stuff.

Meanwhile, the official movie blog has been updated with a clip featuring Scott Stokdyk, visual effects supervisor, and Christie Miele, animal trainer, discussing the use of stunt dogs. Wait, stunt dogs?


Right here at CBR we've got a video sneak preview of the film and a look at the new one-sheet poster, while Comingsoon.net has a look at five new TV spots.


Speaking of Superhero Hype, they've also got some new photos from the film (more humans than mechanoids) while actor Tyrese Gibson talks about his role in the production (as well as his involvement with pal John Singleton's "Luke Cage") at Crave Online (revealing that somewhere in the world there are at least five actual-size Transformers, hiding in a property locker of Bill Foster-ian proportions).


According to TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column, a Justice League spinoff is completely possible. "We've been talking about it," CW boss lady Dawn Ostroff told the columnist. "I don't know if it's going to happen. It's hard; there are so many pieces to the puzzle, [including] rights issues. But it's something that we talked about. It's not going to happen immediately, but I wouldn't say never. Maybe somewhere down the road."

More TV Guide coverage is reposted at Kryptonsite about when we'll next see Green Arrow among other strange secrets.

Finally, Kryptonsite has promotional photos from the February 1st episode "Crimson."


Staying with the small screen a moment, the previously mentioned Michael Ausiello had some fun things to say about the hit NBC series, like saying "here's a hint about the special power that Missy Peregrym's new character possesses: It takes what **** ********'* **** can do and ratchets it up a notch." Best guess -- the letter after the apostrophe is an "s" -- you're on your own from there.

The network has posted the latest episode "Godsend" with cast commentary, and you can see them as they watch along with you.

Finally, where can you find screen shots from the upcoming George Takei-powered episode, "The Fix?" Right here at CBR.


Toon Zone has an interview with writer Greg Johnson about developing the direct-to-DVD animated feature. "Craig Kyle and I spent a lot of time pondering what new direction we could take [The Mandarin's] character, but everything we explored felt too small. And then IÕd read an article about the terracotta warriors found in ancient Chinese burial sites, and thought how cool it would be if those warriors became the MandarinÕs army. Building from that, we opted to seed his origin in the distant past. The Mandarin seemed the logical choice on a number of levels. One, being considered the main Iron Man villain, it only made sense to introduce him in the first Iron Man animated movie. And two, using him allowed us to juxtapose technology with mysticism. The four Elementals that are awakened to do the MandarinÕs bidding actually started out as established villains, however. Whirlwind, Inferno, Blizzard, Earth Mover, and even Fin Fang Foom. In fact, Earth Mover is still referred to as such in the movie. But the more the story advanced in the direction of ancient China, the more these characters shifted away from their classic portrayals."


Mmm, wholesome -- according to IGN, the Wachowski Brothers are looking at making the big screen adaptation "G" rated, due to a newfound interest in making family entertainment. Right.


New screen shots from the Nic Cage vehicle? Lessee, okay, IGN has that covered. Third and fourth commercials for the flick? Right, those are at Marvel's site and at iKlipz now, excellent.


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