Spider-Man 2099 Poised to Strike in New "Superior Spider-Man" Variant

With Spider-Man 2099's return to the Marvel Universe looming, a newly released cover to September's "Superior Spider-Man" #18 by artist J.G. Jones features the futuristic Spidey poised to strike. The solicit information for the issue suggests a throwdown between him and the Superior Spider-Man, in a storyline that starts in "Superior" #17, out earlier that same month.

As series writer Dan Slott said of Spider-Man 2099's return back in April, Miguel O'Hara's return comes on the heels of a number of time-displacing events in the current Marvel Universe. "If you're paying close attention to the Marvel Universe, there are a lot of time anomalies and time travel stories that all seem to be happening during Marvel NOW!," Slott said. "We have the younger selves of the original five X-Men now in the present, the 'Age of Ultron,' plus, there are a couple of other surprises on the horizon. And now there's this. Something seems to be happening to Time in the Marvel U., which makes it the perfect time for someone from the future to come to the present."

"Superior Spider-Man" #18 by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman goes on sale September 18.

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