Spider-Man 2099 Might Have Literally Run Out of Time

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #32 by Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason and Matthew Wilson, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 23.

The extra-sized Amazing Spider-Man #25 set up a few storylines that have already played out for the web-slinger. Electro's recruitment in the new Sinister Syndicate revealed Randy Robertson's girlfriend is the team's leader, Beetle. The mysterious villain Kindred made his presence felt even more, and Mysterio returned to deliver more of his deceptive schemes.

However, the biggest surprise came when Spider-Man 2099 crashed down from the sky. Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in the dystopian possible future of Marvel 2099, Miguel O'Hara has starred in various solo series while also fighting alongside Peter Parker in the present day. Miguel returned from the future when a portal opened up over an oil rig, which is where his limp body laid as a caption box teased that "the future is dying."

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Since then, Marvel has revealed an upcoming event focused on the year 2099, with a series of one-shots and variant covers revealing some of the players involved in what's to come. Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer will pen 2099 Alpha and Omega one-shots, along with a Spider-Man 2099 comic. The event will also introduce 2099 versions of Conan the Barbarian and Venom. The solicit for 2099 Alpha #1 teases the future of the Marvel Universe is in danger, with events in Amazing Spider-Man playing a major role in the event.

A preview of Amazing Spider-Man #2 is the opening salvo in these events, as it picks up right after Miguel crashes into the Year 2019. Miguel narrates as he tries to recall what happened to him, saying he came back to fix things and only made them worse. His artificial intelligence partner Lyla manages to wake him from unconsciousness, which is where we find Spider-Man 2099 laying flat on a table while people in hazmat suits poke at him with technology devices.

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It's safe to assume the people treating Spider-Man 2099 like a lab rat aren't the workers on the oil platform. The suits and devices definitely look like they are from the future, but we may also be witnessing a scene from the past. This could have happened right before Spider-Man found his way to the present day, or possibly led up to his time travel to the past to save his future.

Before the preview jumps to Peter Parker's adventure, Lyla tells Miguel "there's no time," which seems to be the larger theme of Marvel's 2099 event. Something has thrown the 2099 future into chaos, and Amazing Spider-Man appears to be the place where clues will start to be revealed. Hopefully, Miguel can find Peter before they really do run out of time.

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