Spider-Man 2099 Drafts Classic Marvel Team Into A Futuristic Civil War

Spider-Man 2099 14

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Spider-Man 2099 #14, which is on sale now.

"Spider-Man 2099" #14 continues the "Civil War 2099" storyarc launched last month. The issue, written by Peter David with art by Will Sliney, follows Miguel O'Hara as he returns to a changed version of 2099 (his home time period) in an attempt to save his ally Roberta Mendez. Along the way, Miguel runs across many familiar faces from the '90s 2099 heyday, some of which were also part of last year's "Secret Wars 2099" series. The issue ends with the surprising reveal of an all-new group of 2099 characters.

The first of many characters that Miguel encounters upon his arrival in this alternate 2099 reality is a version of Jake Gallows -- a.k.a. Punisher. Except in this timeline, he's a member of the Public Eye's anti-powers task force. Gallows' inclusion here isn't much of a surprise, though, as he's popped up recently in series like "Contest of Champions" and previous "Spider-Man 2099" issues.

But a few pages later we see a character we haven't seen in a while: Zero Cochrane, a.k.a. Ghost Rider 2099.

Spider-Man 14 006
"Spider-Man 2099" #14 interior art by Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg

The last time we saw him was way back in 1998's "2099: Manifest Destiny" OGN. This sky-cycle riding vigilante saves Miguel and fills him in on the new 2099 status quo. The government passed the Anti Powers Act in order to overthrow the Sinister Six, and now anyone with enhanced abilities is a criminal.

Another long lost character, Ravage, fills in "Spider-Man 2099" supporting player Captain America (Roberta Mendez) on the A.P.A. Ravage himself returned from a 21 year hiatus in last month's issue. We then get cameos from two new 2099-era hero counterparts: Iron Fist, a bartender with literal metal fists, and Hawkeye, a purple-clad winged ally of Ravage's. Then we meet the rest of Ravage's crew:

Spider-Man 14 015
"Spider-Man 2099" #14 interior art by Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg

There's Hercules, presumably the main Marvel Hercules since he's immortal, and Cerebra of the X-Men 2099 (who just appeared in the alt-reality series "X-Men'92" a few months ago). Then there's Roman, the Sub-Mariner of 2099, a version of which first appeared in two issues of the '90s "Spider-Man 2099" series, and another version of which was part of the "Secret Wars 2099" series last year. The 2099 Black Widow also debuted in 2015's "Secret Wars 2099" series. And rounding out the team is John Eisenhart as the Hulk, another '90s Marvel character resurrected as part of last year's "Secret Wars" 2099.

Ghost Rider then drops Spider-Man off at Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, where he meets another trio of 2099 holdovers.

Spider-Man 14 018
"Spider-Man 2099" #14 interior art by Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg

2099's Strange debuted in 1995's "Spider-Man 2099" #32 and, like many of her 2099 peers, disappeared after 1998's "Manifest Destiny" OGN. She made a comeback in the new "Spider-Man 2099" series as well as "Secret Wars 2099." Moon Knight 2099 had one previous appearance: the 1998 "Manifest Destiny" OGN. This issue brings her back into the fold. And this Daredevil is Sam Fisk, who debuted as part of 2004's Mark Knights 2099 event.

The issue ends with a cliffhanger focusing on a shadowy Public Eye agent calling in his big guns in his battle against Spider-Man and super-powered individuals: the Family. The Family is then revealed on the very last page.

Spider-Man 14 022
"Spider-Man 2099" #14 interior art by Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg

Yep, they're Power Pack. We don't yet know much about this iteration of Power Pack, but, just looking at them, there's a chance that one or more of them could be the current Marvel characters (Alex, Julie and Katie) all grown up. If that is the case, then one Power Pack member -- Jack -- is unaccounted for. But, if you look on maybe-Alex's chest, you'll see a square above the cloud logo that could be a nod to Jack's own logo. You can see their traditional chest logos below.

Power Pack

"Spider-Man 2099" #15 arrives in stores on September 14.

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