Spider-Man 2, Superman, Fantastic Four: June 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Jumpin Jehosephat! J.K. Simmons, the actor who portrays the cigar chomping publisher of the Daily Bugle J. Jonah Jameson, will be on hand at the Los Angeles Comic Book Sci Fi Con on June 27th. Also on hand will be "Millennium" and "Aliens" vet Lance Henriksen.

In other web-swinging news, the official Web site has been updated with fresh photos from the sequel, which is just two weeks away from being released.

Finally, Comics Continuum has a very witty interview with the good doctor himself, Alfred Molina. The veteran actor talks about how inaccurate his action figure is and the mechanics of becoming Doctor Octopus. "It was a mixture of practical, puppeteered arms, CG and animation," Molina said. "We have a fantastic team of puppeteers: 16, 15 guys and one woman. And a wonderful choreographer, Eric Hayden, who essentially designed the movement in a way. The puppeteers and myself worked very closely over a series of weeks to try and develop sort of a vocabulary of movement, a language if you like. So we could do great big things like push a hole through a building but at the same time do delicate things like taking off a pair of glasses or lighting a cigar. Even one shot we did, and I don't think we used it, we actually had one of the tentacles come out and it actually wiped away a tear. So we really had a wide range of possibilities."


The team at IESB caught up with director McG for this video interview (Windows Media only), and while the filmmaker was coy about details, he did discuss his ideas about the character.


There's a new trailer up at Apple.com from the August 13th thrill ride.


In what is starting to look like a parade of every young blonde actress in Hollywood, Moviehole talked to "Stepford Wives" star Kadee Strickland, who hinted that she may be up for the role of Susan Storm. "Maybe," she said. "We're talking about it." Their coverage implies that Strickland is good friends with the director, USC alumnus Tim Story.


According to a scooper at Ain't It Cool News, "Hergé's widow, Fanny Rodwell ... told Swedish reporters that she has read and approved a first draft for the Tintin movie that Spielberg is directing. This was reported in several newspapers yesterday. Fanny Rodwell and her husband Nick Rodwell are, as most 'Tintin' fans already know, responsible for the Hergé Foundation -- who get final say on all things Tintin. Spielberg has now gotten the green light from the Foundation to go ahead with the movies."


Continuing their string of casting scoops, Kryptonsite has a spoiler-heavy casting notice sent out recently that implies a well-known DC Universe character will be coming to the cornfields. It also provides background on the earlier casting notes about a new character coming to the show.


ICv2 reports that the Thomas Jane-fueled film will be released on DVD September 7th.


Underground Online has video footage (Windows Media only) from the New York city debut of the new Batmobile.


Hollywood North Report has two Quicktime video clips from reshoots on the set of the David Goyer-helmed vampire sequel (one and two), showing some shots with a motorcycle.


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