Spider-Man 2, Static Shock, Batman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 16th


Comics Continuum has some quotes from visual effects supervisor John Dykstra, who said that Doc Ock's tentacles are a combination of presentations. "I don't think that in this one there won't be any more CGI tentacles than are necessary," Dykstra said. "In the first film, Spider-Man was computer-generated when he needed to be. The great thing about this movie with Alfred creating the persona of this character, it gives us an opportunity to animate with personality these tentacles. So what you're going to see is combination of puppeteering, which means practical tentacles operated by individuals who are on set the same time Alfred is wearing the tentacles, and CGI tentacles where we'll add the tentacles after the fact."

Let's not forget that teaser trailer which hit the Web on Monday. We've got screen grabs from the trailer for those of you without broadband.


The aforementioned link at Comics Continuum also has information on the new season of Static Shock, starting January 17th, and beginning a six-day-a-week schedule. The network describes season four as follows: "Action abounds in the fourth season of Static Shock as Static and Gear unearth an underground group of metahumans whose exposure to sunlight can be fatal, help African superhero Anansi protect the secret of his power, save a gifted young athlete from the criminal clutches of a powerful supervillain, get jolted into a face off with the Green Lantern, who may have gone renegade, and discover that world famous NBA All-Stars have a super secret of their own. The captivating season premiere takes Static on an electrifying adventure into the future as he teams up with Batman to save his adult Static-self."


Superherohype has a spy report alleging that Chris Nolan is looking at The Reaper an antagonist to face off against Christian Bale's Batman. The site also puts two and two together, remembering that "in the comics, Judson Caspian was The Reaper and his daugther's name was Rachel. Katie Holmes was recently announced as playing Rachel in the film, which could be the same character." Whither Ra's al Ghul, and how that affects the newly cast Cillian Murphy is anybody's guess.


Ain't It Cool News has a wandering, entertaining interview with Sir Ian McKellen, who discusses a wide variety of things in addition to mutant-driven sequels.


The team at Kryptonsite got an early peek at the February issue of Sci-Fi magazine, which has an interview with executive producer Al Gough. "I think what's fun for the actors is trying to intersect and build new relationships within the ensemble. So you'll see the relationships shifting again ..." Gough said. "I think it's fun when you can build new relationships within the existing ensemble."


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