Spider-Man 2, Punisher, Constantine, Alien Legion, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 5th


Movietome has what appears to be a complete cast list for next summer's Spider-sequel. Notable castings include Bill Nunn as "Joe 'Robbie' Robertson," Daniel Dae Kim will portray "Raymond," and Stan "The Man" Lee will be "Old Man at Pizzaria Now."


LA area fans can get up close and personal with director Guillermo del Toro this Sunday (12/7) in Burbank, as DVDs of the film "The Devil's Backbone" will be sold for signing at Dark Delicacies.


Sought after artist Tim Bradstreet was interviewed by Herorealm, and they asked him about his thoughts on the film adaptations for the books he works on as a cover artist. When talking about "Constantine," Bradstreet said, "will reserve final judgment until I see the film. Keanu may just pull it off. The thing I'm most upset about is the fact that they've taken the character out of the UK. London is just as important to Hellblazer as John Constantine is. Fans are already alienated from this production because of that alone. Where is the benefit of alienating your core audience? Apparently, they don't believe that the 14,000 or so people who read it monthly are very important in the scheme of things. But that's Hollywood." He was much more positive about "Punisher" and Thomas Jane, saying, "I like him. He has a great face. He looks absolutely badass in the leather coat. I wish I could use him on the covers! Is it perfect casting? No. But I have a lot of faith that Thomas can pull this off. He has the tools and the chops."


Silver Bullet Comics talked to Acrhie Comics head honcho Michael Silberkleit about the proposed Miramax film starring Riverdale's sweethearts. "The film will show our characters in situations similar to those in which they appear in our comics and thus will be familiar to the millions of Archie comic readers over the past 60+ years. Miramax is an A+ company and we are proud to be associated with them. We have started a new entertainment company called Archie Comics Entertainment, LLC. We have brought on board Allan Graffman, an executive with a great track record, to be President of this company. Allan's is playing a leadership role to landing us movie, TV and licensing deals, working with Chuck Grimes, our long time counsel and CEO of the new company."


The Associated Press reports that British actor David Hemmings, who played Allan Quartermain's aide Nigel, has passed away at the age of 62 from a heart attack. He was filming "Samantha's Child," and set medics were unable to revive him.


Animation Insider has spoilers for the season finale of the "Justice League" animated series, including a feathery guest star.


Titan Books talked to creator Carl Potts about bringing "Alien Legion" to life. Potts said, "I am working with Mainframe Entertainment at the moment, trying to get a 3D animated TV series off the ground. I'll also be trying to get a live action feature film going again soon. I'd love to do more comics and possibly get a prose novel series going if the right offers or situations present themselves."


So the episode aired weeks ago! Those zany kids at the WB don't care! They shot a series of images from "Perry" (good to be able to say it, now it's aired) to Kryptonsite, who were happy to share them with you.


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