Spider-Man's Sequel Should Make Miles Morales the Star

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man, available now for PS4, and Spider-Geddon #0.

When Miles Morales was unveiled at the end of last year's E3 trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man, expectations for the game's interpretation of the character were pretty high. Beyond the LEGO games, Miles had never been in a AAA game before, and combined with the upcoming Spider-Verse film (in which he is the lead), it felt like 2018 would be a good year for the character. It was known he would be playable in some respects, and it was a given that his future as a hero would be hinted at.

Marvel's Spider-Man does indeed hint at his future, but in a much more tangible way than expected. During the game's third act, Mary Jane winds up rooting through Norman Osborn's lab in his home, at which point a genetically engineered spider hitches a ride with her through the city and later bites Miles. After a three month time skip at the end of the game, Miles displays his recent powers to Peter, who responds by unveiling his own powers.

The obvious next step is that Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 has Miles in his costume, which has surprisingly had groundwork laid out already. The first issue of Spider-Geddon features a brief scene where Peter prepares to go on his trip to save the multiverse and tells Miles to go to MJ for help while he's gone, which already indicates Miles at the very least has been training and figuring out what he can do -- that's a perfect opening for a sequel starring Miles.

Here's the thing that's made the newest Spider-Man game so fun: It showed us Peter Parker at his prime. Instead of giving us the story where he's trying to figure things out, he's a relatively well-adjusted adult who knows how to parkour and swing around Manhattan like it was something he has been doing since the day he was born. Spider-Man's biggest problem is that his origin story and rise to heroism has been repeated so often that each attempt loses its impact, and Insomniac filled a need by getting us past the growing pains.

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