Spider-Man 2, Elektra, Superman: June 21st Comic Reel Wrap


The official site has been updated with new photos and three more TV spots (Real and Windows Media).Speaking of things to look at, iFilm has six clips from the upcoming sequel.

While on the subject of smaller screens, a fan over at Superhero Hype wrote in about Alfred Molina'sappearance on E! News Daily: "The interview itself was fairly short,and nothing new was talked about; Alfred just joked more about his'pecks' and 'man-t*ts' in comparison to his action figure. Clips werealso shown (that I hadn't seen before), mostly involving the DocOck/Spider-Man fight on the clocktower. It showed Ock looking up toSpider-Man (Spidey was clinging to the top of the 'tower) and saying,"Let's talk." Spider-Man dropped down to where Ock was, where Doc Ocktried to hit him, but Spidey just bounced off of several tentaclesbefore landing in front of Doc Ock; where Spidey then began to punchthe snot outta him. There was also a few brief snippets of the trainsequence, but that was mostly old footage (though there was a closeup of Spider-Man kicking Ock in the face that I hadn't seen before)."

You'll also find "The Secrets of Spider-Man" in the current issue ofNewsweek. The article discusses the old "Maguire's Back Almost KeptHim From The Sequel" and "Kirsten Dunst Will Only Do Three Movies"stories that has been reported in the online media for some time.

Finally, Comics Continuum sat in for a round table discussion withdirector Sam Raimi on the Sony lot, where Raimi spoils possibleMarvel universe characters and antagonists you might see in the thirdfilm and makes jokes about Tobey Maguire's spine. As always, they'rehappy to share a full transcription with you.


Media darling Jennifer Lopez wants to follow in the footsteps of herLatina kindred Lynda Carter and take the movie world by the goldenlasso. Sky News reports that "Jennifer Lopez hasrevealed that she would love to star in a big screen version ofWonder Woman. Lopez explained that she was a massive fan of the cult70s television show, which starred Linda Carter. She said: 'Theoutfit would be crazy. You know, the hockey boots and littlebikini.'"


IGN's FilmForce reports that "'Harry Potter'thesp Jason Isaacs will have a cameo in 'Elektra'" and offers aspoiler on who he will portray.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype chimes in with these tidbits: "One of thecooler characters will be Tattoo (aka Tengu), who is one of The Handmembers. He actually has tattoos of animals that come alive in thefilm, like a spider on his shoulder that can go ahead and scope outthe place. There's also wolves, tigers, etc. There's also a charactercalled Kinkou who is played by an actor who is skilled in Brazilianmartial arts. Typhoid Mary, played by Natassia Malthe, will betotally different from the comics."

Finally, author Yvonne Navarro posted a note to the Internet Movie Database saying that she's beenhired to do the novelization for the Jennifer Garner-fueled spinofffilm.


According to CHUD, the addition of producer Neal Moritz hasbrought in new developments for the oft-beleaguered production. Therumor being bandied about is that "with Moritz's involvement comesthe desire to place Vin Diesel in the role of criminal mastermind LexLuthor (a role previously linked to everyone from Kevin Spacey toJohnny Depp)."

We also received an email from Luke Jenson saying, "Summer Altice isbeing screened for Lois Lane for new movie." Altice starred in"Grind" and "Scorpion King," as well as being a Playboy Playmate inSeptember 2002.


The official site is now online with the logo, finally settling the "Blade3/Blade: Trinity" debate for once and for all. IGN's FilmForce has afirst look at the teaser poster.


Superhero Hype has a spy report from merry olde England and the set ofthe Chris Nolan-helmed film with some arguable spoilers for the plot.


Comingsoon.net has a scooper alleging that"effects group Cinovation Studios might soon be working on directorChris Columbus' adaptation of Marvel Comics' 'Namor.'"


Variety reports that "Alias" and "ER" vet Nelson McCormick has signedon to direct The WB's Mark Burnett drama pilot of the Warren Ellisadaptation, which will shoot in Vancouver this August.


According to Comicon's Pulse, {Wesley Snipes' Amen Ra Filmshave optioned the film rights to 'Wonderworld,' an upcoming comicbook short story that will appear in Komikwerks third anthology. Thestory was created by Shannon Denton and Keith Giffen and features artby Caroline Hu and Denton."


Devoted to Smallville has a page full of spoilers for this fall's Season Four.


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