Spider-Man 2, Catwoman, Deadpool, more: February 16th Comic Reel Wrap


[A History of Violence]The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit emailed us the following: "David Cronenberg, known for his dark and edgy sensibility, has signed to direct 'A History of Violence' for New Line Cinema. JC Spink and Chris Bender are producing through their Benderspink shingle, while Roger Kass and Josh Braun are executive producing. Adapted by Josh Olson from John Wagner and Vince Locke's graphic novel of the same name, 'Violence' tells the story of an ordinary family's life after the father receives unwanted national attention for a seemingly vigilante-style self-defense killing at his diner. New Line execs Kent Alterman and Cale Boyter are overseeing for the studio. Cronenberg made a name for himself writing and directing such horror films as 'Scanners' and 'Videodrome' as well as the 1986 remake of 'The Fly.' The Canadian director then transitioned to such provocative fare as 'Naked Lunch,' 'Crash' and 'eXistenZ.'"


The official site has a new update with co-producer Grant Curtis blogrolling something like a fan letter to the Big Apple, discussing the production and posting New York City photos from the production and technical scouts. In other web-related news, Superhero Hype has received word that Alex Ross drawings will serve as the opening moments of the sequel, retelling the events of the first film.


Ethan Switch emailed the Comic Reel to let us know that EA Games released a press document (Microsoft Word file) that discusses their plans for the upcoming game based on the Halle Berry thriller. The press release reveals, in a spoilerish fashion, the plot of the story, and mentions "cat senses." In addition, Superhero Hype has a photo of the Catwoman Barbie from Mattel, which includes a first look at the official logo.


Moviehole reports that next month's "Julius" from Oni Press, an urbanized retelling of the Shakespearean tragedy, has caught some attention in Hollywood, with Don Cheadle and Ja Rule being considered for the title role.

For more on "Julius," check out CBR's recent preview of the series.


Faithful reader Leonidas C. Romero wrote in when after checking out a note from former Wesley Crusher, actor Wil Wheaton, written last week. "A messenger just dropped off a script for Teen Titans! I get to be Aqualad again on Friday!! Yes! If you feel a great disturbance in The Force Friday afternoon, don't worry. It's just me geeking out so hard, I turn into some sort of Galaxy Being. Everything will be back to normal on Saturday."


The Japanese comic book "Devilman" is headed to the big screen, and the official site has a new Flash trailer available for viewing.


IGN's Filmforce has put together the pieces and figured out that Marvel's merc with a mouth is headed for the silver screen, with a script by Mark Millar, direction by David Goyer and "Van Wilder" and "Blade: Trinity" vet Ryan Reynolds starring as Wade Wilson. Millar has already posted a denial.


Eagle-eyed reader Allan Turner sent us this link, revealing some of the toys from the new animated Bat series due out this fall. As well, he noted that Toyfare (not a permanent link) has preliminary designs on Batman equipment for use in toys and the show. If that doesn't work for you try downloading this PDF from Mattel. The line of toys are part of a set of interactive products that will be used at home in conjunction with the episode that's on the air.


Comics Continuum notes that a new trailer for the Thomas Jane fueled action film is due in theatres this Friday, February 20th.


The same page at the Continuum notes that February 28th will feature a bevy of NBA superstars on the Kids' WB hit series. Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Steve Nash and Vince Carter will guest star, and "They actually become super-powered," according to Rick Hoberg, a veteran animator who did storyboards for the episode.


Don't look for the Edward Furlong-tinted sequel in your local megaplexes: Bloody Disgusting Dot Com reports that actress Rena Owen was on television in New Zealand, saying that "it's going direct to video and should be in stores by the end of the year - no cinemas. She is also on the short list to star in a Warner movie that shoots in Oz in March or April (is that Superman?) "


Latino Review has new info on the frozen filming of Chris Nolan's Bat epic in Iceland. Their scooper reports: "(Icelandic Production company) Saga Film, is working with the Batman 5 crew here in Iceland. On (Wednesday) February 25, they will start filming in the southeast, the group stay's in Hótel Skaftafell in Freysnes, which is about 130 km from the town Höfn and it is fully booked. They will be shooting for about 10 days. At the end of March about 80 people will spend 10 (more) days for filming in the southeast." Superhero Hype also notes that actor Chris Nolan's old friend from "Memento," Larry Holden was interviewed on Norwegian television, and said that "he was offered a part in the new Batman movie. He didn't say who he was gonna play, but he said it was very secretive and that he had to fly to London just to read the script." Finally, Batman-on-Film has a rumor about the look of Christian Bale's Batsuit. "Now, I haven't seen the costume. And I know that very few people have actually laid eyes on it. But this is a bit of the buzz I've heard about it. It is made of silicone and a material similar to the "Spider-Man" costume. It has a armored look to it around the chest area. There is no yellow oval -- the Bat symbol is like it is in the current comics. It may be part of the chest armor. The suit is dark, but not totally black. From the descrition that I got, it's dark gray. The cape, cowl, boots, and gloves are black. I've heard two descritions for the ears. One report said that they are shorter than they were in the previous films. Someone else told me that they are 'Kane-style' based on the orginal look of Batman back from 1939. I've also heard two reports on the eyes. I've heard it had lenses, and I've heard it didn't. I'm sure that costuming experienced with both. The utility belt will have pockets, but with a sleek look to it (nothing like what Adam West wore). Also black, I've heard. Now, if you use this, make sure to tell your readers that this is mostly rumor, but coming from people who would know."


Star Wars fans stopped by the Toy Fair in New York City, and managed to snap (among other things) several photos of new Hellboy toys, including boxed sets and large scale figures.


Vancouver Province writer Sorelle Saidman posted the second half of her chat with "Blade" visionary David Goyer, who talked about spinning the characters played by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds off into a new Snipes-free film. "We have a shared soul," said Goyer of Reynolds. "I could see us having one of those famous relationships where you're going to do six movies together." Goyer also said, "We're talking about doing a TV show that would be a prequel taking place when (Blade) is twenty years old and Whistler is in his forties." Goyer is also directing the adaptation of the graphic novel "Unique," and is working on the Joe Lansdale mystery "Mucho Mojo," and "Jumper."


The gang over at Kryptonsite has a cover image and specs for the season 2 DVD, as well as a rumor about the origins of Adam Knight.


Variety reviewed the adaptation of Jean-Michel Charlier and Jean "Moebius" Giraud's cowboy masterpiece, and said the film was "the most mystical approach to the Western this side of 'El Topo,'" and said it was, "visually ravishing...The camera floats and swirls in the service of widescreen compositions that honor the bold graphic placement of the comics." The comics themselves, originally published in the US by Marvel, are out of print and unavailable for retail sale. ICv2 has a look at the poster.


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