Spider-Man 2, Catwoman, AvP, Smallville, more: January 21st Comic Reel Wrap


Kirsten Dunst told the Chicago Sun-Times "'Spider-Man 2' is much more than a routine action movie. It is a really good movie disguised as an action flick." Meanwhile, an anonymous scooper told Comingsoon.net that the blonde daughter of a certain police captain will be making an appearance in the new Spider-film. Superherohype has a great still photo from the studio, showing an intimate moment between Peter Parker and the good doctor Otto Octavius, and the official site has four new desktops showing more images from the film.


The Globe and Mail reports that Vancouver's Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts (formerly known as the Ford Centre) "is currently being used as a filming location for the Hollywood movie Catwoman, starring Halle Berry."


Busy tonight? Los Angeles fans can get the first look at Mark Hamill's love letter to the comic book industry at a 10PM showing at Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theatre. Everyone who pays for a ticket will also get a promotional "Have Courage" T-Shirt. This is the only chance to see the film before the January 27th DVD release.


Ain't It Cool News has a spy report claiming that "Robocop" veteran Peter Weller will pop up as billionaire industrialist "John Yutani," opposite Lance Henriksen's "Charles Weyland."


In the continuing war of fansites, Kryptonsite strikes first with a still photo from the episode guest-starring Christopher Reeves and written by Jeph Loeb (with assists by Millar and Gough), which we now know is called "Legacy." Then Devoted to Smallville's Maria emailed us with the opening teaser to the episode "Crisis."


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