Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins, Punisher, more: March 30th Comic Reel Wrap


The official site has been updated with the new trailer, in Real or Windows Media formats.


According to Superhero Hype, Christopher Nolan and his Bat-crew are filming "at Hatfield House/Hatfield Park in Hertfordshire, England. This is a (very) large old English manor house, set in huge grounds with woods surrounding. Michael Caine is one of the actors filming here, and rumor has it the Batmobile is going to make an appearance too." Coincidentally, Johnny Depp and John Malkovich are filming "The Libertine" are also filming at the same location. Moviehole also has a report on the location of the Batcave.


Lions' Gate has released their official synopsis of the Thomas Jane-fueled action film, and Comics Continuum has it. There's also some great pictures, including Kevin Nash as the Russian hurling Jane through the air.


Comingsoon.net follows up its Ron Perlman interview with an in-depth conversation with Guillermo del Toro, discussing the journey from concept to cinema. "When I was shooting 'Mimic' in 1997, the best memory I have of the entire shoot was reading the comic of Mike Mignola. I think there was a pang of joy that I felt at the age of 33 that was very childish where I was feeling, when I grow up I wanna be like Hellboy, but I was painfully grown up, and if anything, painfully growing larger by the second. I felt that if a character elicited that kind of response from me, that was a character I wanted to basically marry and make a movie out of him. As the movie progressed, the pre-production and through the production and pre-production on 'Blade,' Mike Mignola and I had come to discover that we're basically twins. We really read the same pulpish horror literature, we love 'Doc Savage,' we love mythology, we like the same artists, etc. etc. So it was a perfect match." Of his star, he said, "It has taken me 12 years to communicate to the world what I feel about Ron Perlman. Somebody on the internet said I have a crush on him. I guess it's true, but really, to me, there is, as you say, a body-fixation when casting these roles where Hollywood tries to cast Calvin Klein models on every movie. There's such an obsession with youth that I find repulsive. The great thing about Ron is that he's a throwback to Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin, James Coburn, all these guys that were hard cool to watch."

del Toro was also interviewed by CHUD, where he talked about how the film may differ from the source material. "What other permutations could exist with Hellboy? As I said to him, it's not so much Hellboy,' but a riff on the Hellboy universe. It's like hearing your favorite song sung by Tom Waits. You can take Sinatra and give it to Tom Waits and it's not going to be the same song. But, if you like the song, you're probably going to enjoy a new interpretation, so that's the thing with the movie." Finally, the group Breaking Benjamin has posted the video for their song "So Cold," which has several clips from the film.


IGN Filmforce has bonked their own rumor, now denying that Robert Zemeckis is attached to direct the live-action giant robot movie.


Ant't It Cool News has spy reviews of Enki Bilal's on screen adaptation, naturally featuring the spoilers that you know you want.


Had it up to here with wholesome goodness in Kansas? Star Michael Rosenbaum was at the Pasadena, CA's Creation Sci Fi Convention and revealed a spoiler that will give people of more prurient interests something to look forward to. Plus, the Ezra Small prophecies continue in the "Smallville" comic book, and Devoted to Smallville has a scan of the original and a translation of the secrets it reveals.


Faithful reader Ricado D. Martins wrote in to point out two batches of "AVP" images on Cinema em Cena (one, two).


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