Spider Lizard! Spider Lizard! Does whatever a spider lizard does!

Demand for a Sub-Saharan lizard has soared in the U.K., apparently after comics fans realized the red-and-blue reptile resembles Spider-Man.

The Sun reports the boldly colored male Mwanza Flat-headed Rock Agama, with its bright red head and blue body, is in such great demand that one online pet store is sold out until next month. (The female is brown.)

"The coloring is unbelievably similar, especially in the chest arms and legs," comics retailer Rich Nunn told the tabloid. "I am sure there would be lots of comic fans who would want a lizard like this, because it looks so much like Spider-Man."

However, the similarities don't end with the colors: Spider Lizard can scale vertical walls and run uprights on its hind legs. That's pretty much it, though, as I'm pretty sure Peter Parker doesn't eat crickets or mealworms.

Detective Comics #996

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