Spider-Gwen Swings into Marvel's Animated "Ultimate Spider-Man"

Everyone's favorite alternate universe lady web-slinger is set to take Marvel's animated "Ultimate Spider-Man" by storm. Spider-Gwen will make her animated debut in the four-part storyline "Return to the Spider-Verse," in which Spider-Man and Miles Morales will visit several of Marvel's storied alternate realities and meet their many, varied Spider-persons.

Each season of Marvel's "Ultimate Spider-Man" takes on a new subtitle, with the current fourth season dubbed "Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six." The forthcoming storyline is meant to cap off the season with a big bang, introducing new setting and characters, of which Spider-Gwen is just one, according to a report on IGN.

Other alternate universe Spideys set to appear in the arc include Blood Spider, Wolf Spider, Web Beard, Webslinger and Spider Cowboy.

Created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez in 2014's "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2, Spider-Gwen is a resident of Earth 65, an alternate universe Earth in Marvel canon. In Earth 65's timeline, Gwen Stacey became Spider-Woman after she was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Parker eventually became jealous of Stacey's newfound powers and turned himself into an alternate version of the villainous Lizard.

"Ultimate Spider-Man's" season-ending arc, "Return to the Spider-Verse," premieres August 27, 2016 on Disney XD. Spider-Gwen will make her debut during the arc's fourth installment, airing September 17, 2016.

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