Spider-Gwen's Final Issue Lays the Groundwork For Her Codename Change

It's been nearly four years since Marvel's Edge of Spider-Verse comic gave us the alternate universe hero Spider-Gwen. Instead of Gwen Stacy dying to hurt Peter Parker, she was bitten by a radioactive spider and has used her powers to fight crime in her homeworld of Earth-65. Despite being from another universe, she's still gotten chances to hang around with other heroes from the prime Marvel Universe, particularly Jessica Drew and Silk.

But all good things must come to an end, and next week marks the final issue of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen with Issue #34.

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Having defeated her universe's version of Matt Murdock -- a corrupt lawyer who later became the Kingpin and was involved with the crime syndicate known as the Hand -- Gwen found herself under arrest. With her secret identity out, Gwen's spent the last year in a maximum security prison housing super villains she and other heroes have put away. As expected, she wasn't the most popular inmate, but she took it all in stride and played things straight the whole time. But now that the year's up, her future is hers to decide...it's just also one where the world knows her secret.

And to make matters more complicated, her father has also finished recovering from his brutal beatdown while in prison, and as Doctor Asim Strange reminds her, his mind needs time to heal as well as his body. But the spiders that make up her universe's Venom symbiote may have transferred over to her father, and given the chaos that symbiotes have caused, Gwen's first day back in civilization won't be an easy one.

Though Spider-Gwen's journey is ending in the comics, it's also a new beginning for the character. Already, Marvel is teasing a new comic starring the webhead under the new codename "Ghost Spider" to coincide with her name change in the upcoming Marvel Rising animated series, and Spider-Gwen #34 plants the first seeds for this change in moniker.

Outside the comics, Spider-Gwen has become an underground hit with the cosplay community. Spider-Gwen has also successfully transferred over to various animated series and multiple Marvel video games, ensuring that she's well known as a core Spider-character alongside Peter Parker and Miles Morales from the Marvel Prime Universe.

Not to mention that she'll be making her big screen debut in December with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an animated film where she'll be voiced by Hailee Steinfeld. Gwen's not going away anytime soon: if anything, she's got a new playground to spin her many webs in.

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Spider-Gwen #34 by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez goes on sale July 18.

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