How Spider-Gwen Destroys Her (Evil) Daredevil Without Landing a Punch

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Gwen #32, written by Jason Latour, drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, and inked by Rico Renzi, on sale now. 

Can Spider-Man beat Daredevil? It's a question that was answered in comics somewhat conclusively decades ago, with the Man Without Fear beating the snot out of the Webhead during his Black Suit phase. But a lot has changed in the decades since, and with Spider-Gwen ending next month, there's no better time than now for a rematch... of sorts.

Since the events of 2016's Spider-Women event left Gwen without her powers, she's had a rough go of it. While she was able to regain her abilities, it came through allying herself with Matt Murdock, the Kingpin of her universe, in order to gain access to a supply of isotopes he possessed that would grant her her powers back.

Eventually, she got her powers back for real, but it wasn't without a giant setback. Thanks to the stress of Murdock hanging her identity over her head, plus her father admitting himself to jail and her identity becoming public, Gwen became Venomized in her own way, and she only recently managed to break free of the resulting violent streak after having a talk with herself from another universe.

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Now, the only thing left to do is take down Murdock, especially now that he's got Gwen's Web-Watch that allows for interdimensional travel on his wrist. What's more, he just decided to break off from the Hand which, in this universe, is an actual crime syndicate that merely employs ninjas rather than actually being ninjas. Gwen catches Murdock just as he finishes murdering a horde of Hand ninjas, and gets her win over him in the most fitting way.

From the perspective of Matt's hearing, Gwen, displayed as radio waves by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, talks him into a sense of security before getting the jump on him with the help of her universe's Reed Richards and her rock band, the Mary Janes. Her band's loud rock music attacks Matt directly.

Yes, Daredevil got beaten by Spider-Gwen wielding the undeniable power of teenage rock music.

And the best part about it is, it was all Murdock's fault. When Gwen's Venom form first appeared, he told her that sound was its weakness, as it is in the Prime Marvel Universe. But in reality, it was Matt's weakness all along, and he inadvertently gave it away to Gwen.

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Spider-Gwen as a book has always been about giving proper agency and freedom to a character who wasn't granted it in her original universe, so it's fitting that her books ends with her taking her freedom back. As she leaves Murdock to die from whatever attack the Hand will have planned for him, she's wiping her slate clean and no longer allowing him to be her problem, accepting the inner rage within her that he caused to turn her into Venom.

Whatever the outcome of her trial, Gwen has come to terms with who she is and the inner rage that's resided in her, anger that gave birth to her Venom. But more importantly, she finally put fear in the man who went his whole life without it, though he instilled it in plenty of innocent people. That's a pretty big win, considering how she hasn't really gotten to have those as of late.

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