Spider-Gwen Co-Creator Teases Hero's Spider-Ham-Esque Counterpart

Originally introduced as the star of an all-ages funnybook back in the '80s, the web-slingin' pig known as Spider-Ham has seen a resurgence in prominence and popularity in recent years thanks to his return in the inter-dimensional "Spider-Verse" event and subsequent appearances in "Spider-Gwen" and "Web Warriors." In the upcoming "Spider-Gwen Annual" #1, Peter Porker will once again team up with Spider-Gwen -- and that team up just might reveal a new addition to the Spider-Ham mythos.

In a page included in the preview for "Spider-Gwen Annual" #1, written and drawn by Spider-Gwen co-creator Jason Latour, Spider-Ham can be seen sporting a hoodie seemingly modeled after Spider-Gwen's spider-suit. But that turns out not to be the case; in fact, or possibly in jest, Spider-Ham asserts that the hoodie is actually modeled after the penguin superhero Spider-Guin's suit.

This revelation, if Peter Porker isn't kidding, fits right in with the original "Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham" series that ran from 1985 to 1987. That series introduced a number of other Marvel-inspired anthropomorphic animal heroes, including Deerdevil, Goose Rider and Captain Americat. It would also follow in the footsteps -- err, hoofprints --  of the recent re-introduction of Spider-Ham 2099 to the character's modern day mythos.

"Spider-Gwen Annual" #1 arrives in stores on Wednesday, June 29.

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