'Spider-Girl' lives again, again!

[Spider-Girl #58]The ongoing saga of what will happen to Marvel's "Spider-Girl" title has turned into an epic drama. To catch those up who are just joining this little story, simply put "Spider-Girl" has been threatened with cancellation, then cancelled, then returned to print numerous times. Saved by overwhelming fan interest, price hikes and other considerations, "Spider-Girl" is more like a Cat-Girl if you consider the number of lives the title has. Recently it was announced that the title had finally met it's maker and would end with issue #61. Then, once again, fans of the title put together an online petition in hopes of getting the title reinstated. Then, on April 1st no doubt, Marvel released the following statement, "SPIDER-GIRL LIVES..! ...AGAIN!"

So, you're thinking, April Fools, right? You thought wrong.

On April 2nd "Spider-Girl" writer Tom DeFalco confirmed for readers on the Spider-Girl Message Board that the title had once again been given a reprieve.

"I wish I could tell you exactly what's going on...but I'm still not sure I even know what's going on," DeFalco posted to the message board.

"Here is what I do know...I received a call late yesterday afternoon from Andy Schmidt - 'Spider-Girl's' editor - and he told me that the book was no longer going to be cancelled. He assured me that he wasn't pulling an April Fool's gag and asked me if I still wanted to write the book. (I, of course, said YES!) Tom Brevoort later called me to confirm that it wasn't a gag and that the book had been renewed, yet again.

"The three of us are supposed to speak later this morning and we're going to try to figure out where we go from here.

"And, YES, as far as everybody knew #61 was going to be our final issue...at least until things suddenly changed.

"I will try to get back to you guys later today...and tell you what I've learned."

So, fans were left wondering what would happen next. After the meeting ended DeFalco filled fans in on just what would be happening with the title.

"I spoke to my editor a little while ago and here's our current plan...

  1. "We are going to pull the current version of #61 and publish it if and when the title is actually cancelled.
  2. "The entire team and I are going to be working overtime to get a new #61 together and it is our goal to keep this book on time.
  3. "Oh, yes...the creative team will remain the same.
  4. "In my spare time I'm going to work out an overview that we'll take us to Issue #67.
  5. "We all have to convince some new readers to pick up Spider-Girl and so that they can see why we all love this title.
  6. "We all have to send thank you notes to Bill and Joe because they're also fans of this book...and 'Spider-Girl' wouldn't be here without their support.

"And now, I've got to get back to work..."

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