Superior Spider-Man Just Became Best Friends With The PS4 Spider-Man

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Geddon #0, by Christos Gage and Clayton Crain, in stores now.

The PS4 Spider-Man game includes an interesting take on the Peter Parker/Otto Octavius relationship. Gone is the outright antagonism of the mainline version of the characters, replaced with a tragic story of a student forced to revolt against his well-meaning mentor, and stop him from doing something terrible.

With the announcement that this version of Spider-Man would appear outside of the game and in the upcoming Spider-Geddon, it’s been interesting to consider how he would respond to the other versions of Otto. Marvel didn’t waste any time getting to that, introducing the PS4 Spider-Man to the Superior Spider-Man (aka Otto Octavius) in Spider-Geddon #0, and allowing them to form a surprisingly strong bond in the span of a single issue.

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Where We Left Off

The prologue issue doesn’t just serve as the first part of Spider-Geddpn, but also as an epilogue to the hit videogame. By the time the comic begins, Spider-Man and New York City are still trying to pick up the pieces from the game’s events. Miles has gotten powers and is learning from Peter, MJ and Parker have reconciled, and Aunt May has died from complications due to the Devil’s Breath. All the main villains have been caught and sent to the Raft, including their leader Dr. Octavius.

Spider-Geddon #0 (Gage/Crain)

This version of Otto was more tragic then most, genuinely wanting to use his gifts to help improve the world. His words echoed the lessons Uncle Ben had imparted on Peter in his youth about the importance of responsibility. But he was also suffering from a neuromuscular disease that rendered him immobile. A neural interface allows him to control replacement limbs, but it also amplifies other emotions, including his rage at former partner Norman Osborn.

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Spider-Geddon #0 (Gage/Crain)

That anger cost him everything. This sad reality of this alternate self humbles the 616-Otto Octavius, who comes through a portal to recruit the PS4 Spider-Man for the war against the empowered Inheretors. That physical failing and attempt to take drastic measures to change his fate harkens back to Ends of the Earth, where an incapacitated and dying Otto tried to destroy half the world just so he could at least be remembered. It speaks to a common rage between both, and if 616-Otto can really conquer it.

It’s a powerful moment of reflection for the Superior Spider-Man, and something that speaks to his new found approach to life. He takes note of what happened and decides to take it as a cautionary tale. He even leaves a Spider-bot looking over the Raft, implying he wants to keep an eye on his tragic counterpart.

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