Spider-Geddon Just Incited the Start of a Spider Civil War

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Geddon #2 by Christos Gage, Jorge Molina, Jay Leisten, Craig Yeung, Roberto Poggi, Travis Lanham and David Curiel, on sale now.

Marvel’s Spider-Geddon event is finally here, bringing together the Spider-themed heroes of the multiverse to defeat the Inheritors once more. Or at least, that’s what the plan was, because they’ve already more or less broken up in favor of something of a civil war.

Spider-Geddon #2 picks up immediately where the first issue left off. Spider-Men Noir and UK are both dead after the Inheritor siblings of Morlun, Jennix and Verna used the Superior Octopus’ cloning technology to be reborn. While Morlun ran off to finally get some payback against the 616 Peter Parker, Jennix and Verna stayed behind to feast and awaken their siblings.

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Naturally, there’s no time for the Spiders to mourn their losses, because they’re too busy rigging Ock’s lab to blow to prevent further Inheritors from being born. Spider-Gwen stays behind to ensure the lab gets destroyed, confident that she can just use her dimensional watch to teleport away at the last moment. Seconds to spare, Verna makes a grab for Gwen’s watch, leaving the young Spider in... well, her new solo comic explains all of that.

Here’s where the simmering civil war comes in, though it doesn’t come to the blows between heroes that Marvel's infamous event ultimately led to (at least, not yet). After learning that Verna has Gwen’s watch and went back to retrieve her siblings trapped on an irradiated Earth, Miles and Otto become divided over how to handle the Inheritors. Otto naturally figures that killing them is the safest option, since he’s had experience at it as Spider-Man, and in his mind, they should’ve been killed four years ago. Miles, however, wants to gather Spider-veterans like Peter Parker and Jessica Drew for a guaranteed win, in the traditional superhero manner.

And thus, the lines are drawn, with Spider-Punk and Octavia Otto joining Team Otto, while Spider-Ham and Mayday Parker become part of Team Miles. Using Loomworld, Karn transports the heroes to different multiverses to gather even more Spiders to their specific causes, uttering that “time... and destiny will tell who is right.” From there, we see brief glimpses of various Spiders recruiting those that were in the Edge of Spider-Geddon one-shots: Sp//dr, the Spider-Man of the PS4 game and more. And after a quick wardrobe change to his Superior Spider-Man outfit, Otto also manages to recruit Scarlet Spiders Ben Reilly and Kane into the fold as well.

Now that the full picture is revealed, Otto’s recruiting of the PS4 Peter Parker makes a lot more sense. This isn’t a Peter who has killed before, but the father-son dynamic that he had with the Otto of his world makes him easier to manipulate and convinced into killing the Inheritors. It’s a dirty move, but it may be what ends up saving the entire Spider-Verse from the Inheritors -- if they can all agree on how to save themselves, of course.

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