Spider-Geddon: 15 Spider-Men We Could See (And 15 We Definitely Won't)


In 2014 fans of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man were treated to an arc of crossover delight in Marvel's Spider-Verse. Bringing together Spider-heroes from all over the multi-verse, Spider-Verse was a Spidey story on a scale previously unseen. Web-slingers of all shapes, sizes, races and species were brought together to take on the dastardly Morlun and the Inheritors. The bad news for Peter Parker and his web-head counterparts is that Morlun is back in Spider-Geddon. Billed as a sequel to the 2014 hit, Spider-Geddon currently carries the tagline, "Revenge of the Spider-Verse!" How Morlun returns and what his plans are for the wall-crawlers is yet to be revealed, but it could prove fatal for Spider-people across the multiverse.

Casualties for the good guys were pretty high in Spider-Verse, a testament to the danger Morlun poses. Though the threat looming on the horizon is a cause for concern, we can't help but get excited for all of the Spider-Men that will appear. Marvel released details on some of its tie-ins going into Spider-Geddon at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and already we're seeing some cool snippets. One new angle to the Spidey crossover fun is Web-Slinger, a Wild West Spider-Man seen riding on a horse for the cover of "Vault of Spiders." The most intriguing element of Web-Slinger? Their horse wears a mask too! They were a background character in Spider-Verse and are now getting their spotlight. Horses aside, let's get back to spiders as we explore 15 Spider-Men We Could See In Spider-Geddon (And 15 We Definitely Won't!)


Spider-Man Miles Morales 2 to 1

An obvious entry to start us off, the inclusion of Miles is crucial. The fact that he's the focus of the upcoming animated adventure, Into the Spider-Verse, makes him a first ballot pick for this story. Not being from the 616 universe (but rather immigrating from the Ultimate one), Miles has done his fair share of reality-hopping since his debut.

He'll likely be a strong member of the supporting cast, much like in the first Spider-Verse, as he and Peter have worked together quite a lot before. His Venom Blasts give him a unique offense that not a lot of other Spider-Men enjoy.


Bruce Banner

Recruited by Superior Spider-Man and hailing from a universe where Bruce Banner is Spider-Man, this web warrior will likely not be making his return in the pages of Spider-Geddon. During one of the many skirmishes in the original story, Bruce is struck down trying to rescue a couple of his fellow heroes.

Later that evening, he is seen on the dining table of Morlun's family as they feast on defeated Spider-Men. A grizzly, visceral and unfortunate end for Bruce, consumed by the vampiric villains.


3-Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly perished in a heroic sequence in Spider-Verse, sacrificing himself to help defeat Jennix. The thing about Ben is that he's very good at coming back from the dead. So much so, in fact, that Death itself was once fascinated by the guy!

He's currently active as the Scarlet Spider in his iconic costume (red suit, blue hoodie). So, if there is trouble afoot, Ben is ready to spring into action. He's been trying to redeem himself since he lost his way, becoming the antagonist in The Clone Conspiracy, Let's hope he gets a chance to prove himself in Spider-Geddon.


Capcom Spiderman

A nice little addition to the original story, this version of Spider-Man didn't do a lot in Spider-Verse. He did, however, get a big nod to the game franchise he hopped over from. He's seen in one panel announcing his Web-Ball attack, just as he does in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

This video-game Spider-Man is one of the wall-crawlers dispatched by Morlun himself. The fatality of this encounter didn't stick apparently, as we saw this Spidey return in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. However, due to his minimal role in Spider-Verse, he probably wont be chosen to make a return.



Another spider-hero set to appear in the animated feature Into the Spider-Verse, Gwen's a sure bet for inclusion. She was one of the first to join up with the army that Spider-UK was recruiting across the multiverse. Given her rise in popularity in recent years it'd be odd if she didn't appear in Spider-Geddon.

Gwen was present for a particularly grizzly defeat of a Peter Parker from Earth-21205 and from that point swore vengeance on Morlun and the Inheritors. With Morlun's reported return, Gwen's vendetta, which she declared in 2014, will likely be rekindled once more.



Man-Spider is exactly what you would imagine. Where Spider-Man is more man than spider, Man-Spider is more spider than man. This monstrosity is the result of the dominant aspects of the spider-based enhancements fully taking hold of Peter.

A terrifying spider-being in the remnants of a costume, this scary version of Mr. Parker likely wont be coming back in Spider-Geddon. He is one of the Spider-Men on the Inheritor's dining table as they feast and is consumed alongside Bruce Banner and several others.


Scarlet Spider Kaine

Much like Ben Reilly, Kaine is a clone of Peter Parker and is also a Scarlet Spider. Far more aggressive than both Ben and Peter, Kaine has retractable stingers in his forearms he can use to impale enemies.

Kaine played a huge role in Spider-Verse as he was particularly important in regards to the Inheritor's plans. Kaine was a priority for them due to the fact that his blood was needed for a ritual. Morlun may seek him and his anointed blood once more.


Straight out of the pages of Marvel Apes, this wall-crawler is a violent little fellow. Despite his adorable appearance, Spider-Monkey is egotistical and willing to use lethal force. In fact, all of the Ape-Vengers from his native universe solve their issues in a more permanent manner.

For such a brutal iteration of Spidey, he received an appropriately brutal end. It is safe to say Spider-Monkey will probably not return, owing to the fact he was bitten near in half by Jennix of the Inheritors.


A popular addition for the first Spider-Verse prelude and the story thereafter, SP//dr gave us a unique take on the concept of human/spider cooperation. Written by Umbrella Academy author and My Chemical Romance front-man Gerard Way, this spider-hero is given their powers by sharing a mech-suit with a spider.

Peni Parker was featured throughout Spider-Verse, reinforcing the supporting cast. She's also been seen in the promotional art for Spider-Geddon. Heavily influenced by the likes of Evangelion, Peni is always a visual spectacle to behold.


ezekiel sims

Ezekiel's identity remained hidden for a large portion of Spider-Verse, opting to remain cryptic, despite knowing more about what was going on than most. Given that Morlun is somewhat of a nemesis to Zeke, he had a wealth of knowledge on the Inheritors.

Unfortunately, he neglected to share much of this information until it was too late. He is snuck up on by Daemos of the Inheritors and his neck is broken. He finally reveals his identity and everything he knows as his life ebbs away. Seemingly a plot device, it's doubtful he'll return, which is a shame as he did have one of the cooler costumes in the Spider-Verse.


Spider Ham

Spider-Ham proved to be vital to the proceedings in Spider-Verse, a strong case study for why you should never judge a book by its cover. From battling the Inheritors in open combat to disguising himself as a baby to deceive them, ruining their sinister ritual, Peter Porker really put in work.

Despite his comical concept and appearance, Porker was a credit to the red and blue. He'll be back, as he's no stranger to the multi-verse. He was once seen appearing in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, albeit too late to take part in the game.


616 miles

Miles Morales from the 616 universe befriended Wilson Fisk during his time in prison. Miles saved Fisk's life while incarcerated and the pair opened a restaurant together once free. Later on, when Miles' partner died, Fisk helps him explore venturing to alternate universes in order to be with her again.

Enlisting the help of Fisk and Taskmaster, the disturbances caused by their attempts bring them into conflict with Peter and Ultimate Miles. Eventually, 616 Miles is successful in crossing over to another universe. More preoccupied with being with the woman he loves, it's doubtful he'd join the heroes in Spider-Geddon.


Spider-Man Noir is one of the more aesthetically unique members of the Spider-Verse. What they give to the roster is a little more edge than most of the Spider-Men. This is likely due to the universe they come from being a lot more grim and bleak than others.

Using firearms to supplement his enhanced abilities, they provide some unique firepower given than lethal weaponry isn't usually employed by Spider-Men. One of the main characters in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, they've been a favorite for fans since.


6 armed spider man

This incarnation of Peter Parker from Earth-92100 didn't originally have six arms. He managed to accidentally give himself additional limbs with a formula that was meant to rid him of his superhuman abilities.

Despite trying to remove his powers, he was very adept with them, managing to save Gwen Stacey from the Green Goblin's fatal attack in his native universe. There's a very slim chance this reluctant hero will return in Spider-Geddon, however, as he sacrificed himself to save Miguel O'Hara and May Parker in Spider-Verse.



Otto was instrumental in the first Spider-Verse. Alongside Spider-UK, he managed to gather a lot of Spider-Men to battle the Inheritors. He was somewhat abrasive, though, his need to be in charge causing him to come to blows with Peter during the arc.

While a lot has changed since Otto was the Superior Spider-Man, he will still understand the gravity of Morlun returning. The question is whether he will reprise his Superior Spider-Man role or continue under the alias of the Superior Octopus.



Here we have a thoroughly evil Spider-Verse inhabitant by the name of Patton Parnel; a disturbed young man who would experiment on small animals and stalk his neighbor, Sara Jane. Sadistic and a little unhinged, when he developed his powers it turned him into a monster that needed to consume other beings.

He bit and implanted eggs in poor Sara Jane, revealed in the aftermath of his Spider-Verse: Prelude story. Reading like something straight out of the Twilight Zone, it's probably for the best he wont return as he was eliminated by Morlun.


The Spider-Man of 2099, Miguel O'Hara, has been part of the Spider-Man multiverse for a long time now. Not only did multiple versions of Peter appear in Spider-Verse, several different shades of Miguel made appearances in the crossover.

Unfortunately, the other Miguels were defeated by the Inheritors, but Miguel proper from Earth-TRN588 is still alive and kicking. Though he was recently told that travelling to the past again may alter his timeline irreparably, it's hard to imagine he won't take part in Spider-Geddon.


Peter Parquagh

Peter Parquagh originates from the year 1602 and is distinctly Shakespearean in appearance. Working alongside the period-appropriate Nick Fury known as Sir Nicholas Fury, this Spider-Man was one of the first in the Spider-Verse to be consumed by the Inheritors.

While on stage at the Globe Theater, enjoying his pursuit of acting, Peter Parquagh is attacked by Morlun. Morlun also manages to bring down the entire Globe around the two during their conflict before consuming the unfortunate hero. Shakespeare must have been livid.


Peter Parker from Earth-1610, aka the Ultimate universe, did not appear in the first Spider-Verse, owing to the fact he wasn't alive at the time. He had perished in his famous final showdown with the Green Goblin of his universe.

However, since then, he's been revived by the OZ and passed the mantle of Spider-Man onto Miles Morales. Following the culmination of Secret Wars, he has been seen reprising his role as the Ultimate universe's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man alongside the Ultimates. He could join the action in Spider-Geddon now that he's back on the board!


Captain Spider

From a universe in which Eugene "Flash" Thompson was bitten by the fated radioactive spider instead of Peter, Captain Spider was recruited by Spider-UK to help battle the Inheritors. Eugene apparently died in his native universe during a battle with Vulture, yet somehow is present for Spider-Verse.

Captain Spider is defeated by Morlun during the Inheritor's attack on Earth-13. Despite the fact that having his life ended has not stopped him before, it is probable that Captain Spider will sit out Spider-Geddon.


Spider UK

A member of the multiversal protectors the Captain Britain Corps, Billy Braddock observed the destruction of several Spider-Men across dimensions. He was entrusted by the Corps to safeguard the heroes and given a device to travel through universes to gather an army to battle the Inheritors.

His massing of Spider-Men paralleled that of Otto Octavius' and the two joined their groups together to battle Morlun and his family. If Morlun is back, Billy will have seen it and will likely take up his duty to protect Spider-Men of the multiverse once more.



Betty Brant of Earth-78227 is Spider-Girl in her native universe. After a short while as a vigilante, Betty decided she was not cut out for it. Peter Parker of her universe tried to convince her to carry on with little success.

Despite giving up the mantle, Betty was recruited by Spider-UK to battle the Inheritors. Betty almost perished in their assault on Earth-13 when Verna took a portion of her life force. She was rescued by SP//dr and nursed back to health. The events of Spider-Verse may be the final confirmation for Betty that the life of a hero isn't for her.


Pavitr Prabhakar was one of the first Spider-Men recruited by Otto Octavius while he hopped through universes investigating the actions of the Inheritors. This young hero is the Spider-Man of India in his universe. Being thrust into the conflict at such a young age, Pavitr had somewhat of an existential crisis during Spider-Verse.

He was concerned his existence did not mean as much as 616 Peter Parker's, but after reassurance from the older Peter, he was able to steel himself for the final conflict. He'll likely step up once more, assured of his ability and importance.


Fantastic 5

It is more than safe to say this particular Spider-Man will not be making his way into the pages of Spider-Geddon. This unfortunate wall-crawler is the first casualty found by Otto Octavius during his exploration of the multiverse.

In terms of importance, this Peter did trigger Superior Spider-Man's call to action, which isn't a bad contribution for a deceased person. So, unless the soft reboot of the multi-verse from Marvel's Secret Wars somehow brings this fellow back, he'll remain absent from the event.


mayday parker

The daughter of Peter and MJ in her universe, May Parker had a tragic time during Spider-Verse. When the Inheritors attacked, she escaped with her baby brother as her parents were seemingly taken from her. Arriving a little too late, Spider-UK recruits her into his army.

After the events of Spider-Verse, it is revealed her mother is still alive, though her father is not. She then donned her deceased father's costume to honor him and took the name Spider-Woman. She'll relish another chance to punish Morlun in Spider-Geddon.


The Goblin

The Goblin of Earth-21205 was an interesting character who sadly didn't make it very far in Spider-Verse. This Peter Parker shared a similar life to the original but their paths diverged when the Gwen Stacey of his universe was taken from him. He was overcome with rage and ended the Green Goblin permanently, shrugging off the Spider-Man mantle and becoming The Goblin.

Initially, he refused to join Spider-UK's army, but when Spider-Gwen revealed her identity to him, he agreed. The Inheritors attack, however, and he sacrifices himself to protect Spider-Gwen, atoning for his inability to save his own Gwen.


Spider Punk

In his own universe, Spider Punk of Earth-138 lead his own army against the dictatorship of Norman Osborn. Hobart Brown is chosen by Otto Octavius to join his recruits due to his unpredictability and leadership acumen. In the 616 universe, Hobart Brown is The Prowler.

Proving to be very capable and tenacious throughout Spider-Verse, he's been confirmed to return in Spider-Geddon. Promotional images released for the prelude to the event shows the hero on the cover of the upcoming Edge of Spider-Geddon #1.


Cosmic Spider-man

On Earth-13, this version of Peter Parker retained the power of the Enigma Force and is still Captain Universe. Due to his immense power, he is able to protect his Universe from the majority of Inheritor incursions; the caveat being he only has these powers in his universe.

Despite his amazing power, he is destroyed by Solus when the Inheritors finally found a way to attack Earth-13. Solus, being the most powerful of the Inheritors, was able to drain the Engima Force from this Peter, ending his life in the process.



In universe-51778 Leopardon is a spaceship-turned mech used by a Spider-Man named Takuya Yamashiro. This hulking mech was used by the young hero to fight crime and was understandably recruited into the Spider-Army during the events of Spider-Verse.

Though destroyed by Solus, the parts of the Mech were recovered by Miguel O'Hara and Lady Spider, who rebuilt it. Leopardon and Takuya were happily reunited during the final battle. After Spider-Verse, they took it upon themselves to help make sure several other Spider-Men got to their home universes safely.


cyborg spider-man

Cyborg Spider-Man was another of Otto Octavius' recruits. He is first encountered whilst being hunted by Karn of the Inheritors. Both he and Otto worked together in order to temporarily stop Karn, proving the Inheritors were not unstoppable.

Though he suffers some heavy damage throughout his time in the Spider-Army he repairs himself with the help of Otto. Unfortunately, he is finally stopped permanently when the Inheritor Daemos consumes him. Unlike Leopardon, Spider-Cyborg cannot be rebuilt, given that his life-force was taken.

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