Spider-Geddon: Every Spider-Man & Woman That Dies in the First Battle

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Spider-Geddon #1 by Christos Gage, Dan Slott, Jorge Molina, David Curiel and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now.

It's a pretty good time to be a fan of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. September saw the release of the critically-acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, winning rave reviews for its unique story and overall playing experience. Not to be outdone, October brought with it a new trailer for the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse feature film starring Miles Morales.

Into the Spider-Verse stars spider-themed heroes meeting for the first time, which plays into the subject matter of Marvel's Spider-Geddon, a sequel to the Spider-Verse 2014 event. Spider-Geddon will introduce the PS4 Spider-Man into the comic book continuity for the first time, but as we learned during New York Comic Con, Peter Parker won't be the focal point for the event series. Instead, Miles Morales will be the leading man with characters like Spider-Gwen, May "Mayday" Parker, Spider-Ham, Spider-UK, Spider-Punk and many more fighting the evil Inheritors right alongside him.

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A wildcard among the oversized cast of spider characters is Otto Octavius, the Superior Octopus. Otto has set up shop in San Francisco, CA to become the city's newest protector in his attempt to be a good guy, with slightly unethical methods. Part of Otto's plan involves creating multiple cloned bodies to transfer his consciousness into, using technology stolen from The Jackal and the Inheritors to make it happen. What the Superior Octopus doesn't realize is his cloning process has opened an avenue for the Inheritors to escape the Earth that the Spider-Men and Women trapped them on in Spider-Verse.

The backup story in Spider-Geddon #0 showed the first stage of the Inheritors' plan with Superior Octopus #1 continuing that story. Luckily, the Web Warriors (Miles, Spider-Gwen, Spider-UK, Spider-Ham, Mayday Parker, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk and Octavia Otto) discovered the danger and have set out to destroy the cloning tech before the Inheritors can return for good. But with Otto being Otto, he's not one to accept failure and ends up fighting against the Web Warriors, allowing the Inheritors just enough time to make an explosive entrance.

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With comic book events, the possibility for casualties runs pretty high. Inserting a death into a storyline can be used as a way to up the emotional stakes, and with a cast as large as the one in Spider-Geddon, that unfortunately means some of our favorite superheroes are going to die.

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