How the 'Parker Luck' Causes Spider-Man's Spider-Geddon

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Geddon #0 by Christos Gage, Clayton Crain, Jed Mackay, Javier Garron, Israel Silva and VC's Travis Lanham, out now.

Spider-Geddon, the latest event to hit the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe, kicks off this week with Issue #0, and the disparate pieces that will cause a multiversal Armageddon are steadily moving into place. Thanks to what we see in the final pages of the issue, though, there’s every likelihood that a certain Spider-Man is responsible for causing the threat to every spider-themed hero across the multiverse.

Following the main story in Spider-Geddon #0, in which we follow Spider-Man from the new PS4 game recruited into a cross-dimensional war by the Superior Spider-Man, we catch up with a group of Spider-Men and women from the multiverse last seen together in 2014’s Spider-Verse. This thematically similar event looks to be a direct follow-up to that series, in which we saw every version of Spider-Man ever join forces to combat the Inheritors, multi-dimensional totemic hunters that feast on the life energy of spider-themed heroes.

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In the backup story, entitled “Check-In,” we catch up with three alternate versions of Spider-Man: Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101, the Spider-Man of India; Hobie Brown of Earth-138, the Anarchic Spider-Man; and May Parker of Earth-982, Spider-Girl from the MC2 Universe. These three similar, but very different, heroes appear to be stationed on Loomworld, the ex-domain of the Inheritors and home of Master Weaver, who grants cross-dimensional travel.

At the end of Spider-Verse, the surviving members of the Inheritors were left on Earth-3145, a version of our Earth that was a radioactive wasteland. Because all Spider-Men are bound by a rule to never kill, the Inheritors were told of a sanctuary from the radiation in Sims Tower where they would remain and no longer cause problems. This would seem like a fairly elegant solution to the problem of the Inheritors, except the actions of this issue would suggest that things will not remain that way for long.

Stationed on Loomworld, it seems that Spider-Man India, Spider-Girl and Spider-Punk are responsible for monitoring the Inheritors to make sure they don’t escape. Due to Earth-3145 being radioactive, they can’t go themselves, so they send frequent Spider-Bots to investigate. The bots send back video footage for as long as it takes the Inheritors to find and destroy them. We see seven months pass throughout the story, in which time Pavitr sends over 50 bots through to Earth-3145, all of which are seemingly destroyed by the Inheritor called Daemos.

As the months pass, we see Daemos getting more and more malnourished, a symptom of having no Spider-totems to feast on. Another Inheritor, Jennix, is there with him too, as well as two more in the shadows, all equally as thin. Their salvation may be closer than they think, though, for in the final few panels we see that they have been collecting the broken pieces of the Spider-Bots, and Jennix, smiling a sinister smile, thanks the spiders for sending them “such resources.”

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It’s clear from this final moment that the Inheritors are not only plotting their escape, but the actions of the various spider-heroes may be to blame. Over the years the “old Parker luck” has been Peter’s go-to reason for all the bad things that happen to him. From a poorly-timed incident requiring Spider-Man’s help which simultaneously made him late for work, to his web-shooters running out of fluid at the worst possible moment, “Parker luck” is never too far away to make Peter’s life a little bit more difficult.

If there’s ever a classic example of the “Parker luck” in action it’s this: A plan designed to make sure the Inheritors don’t escape turning out to be the very thing that causes them to break loose. We’ll have to wait for future issues of Spider-Geddon to see if a multiverse of spider-heroes is enough to stop another Inheritor assault.

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