The Norman Osborn Spider-Man Is Spider-Geddon's Worst Enemy

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Geddon #3 by Christos Gage, Carlo Barberi, Todd Nauck, José Marzan Jr., David Curiel and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Before Marvel kicked off its Spider-Geddon event, it released a miniseries titled Edge of Spider-Geddon that was meant to introduce brand-new heroes into the mix. One such character is the opposite of what you'd call a hero, and he made his debut in Edge of Spider-Geddon #4: the Norman Osborn Spider-Man of Earth-44145.

Unfortunately, readers didn't get the full backstory of how Norman grew four additional arms and gained the powers and abilities of a spider. What we do know is Peter Parker and Norman's son, Harry, were working together to bring Oscorp's reign over the world to an end. Norman killed Peter before the story began, but Harry was able to avenge his best friend's death by sacrificing himself to destroy Norman's Cosmic Cube (we'll get back to this plot device later).

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Norman was saved from certain death by Spider-Punk to be recruited to Otto Octavius' Spider-Geddon army. The newly-rechristened Superior Spider-Man is looking for soldiers who have no qualms with killing the Inheritors, and this Norman Osborn Spider-Man fits the description perfectly. However, his plan for how to end the Inheritors threat permanently will put the entire Marvel Universe at risk.

To Secure Victory, A Sacrifice Must Be Made

After disagreeing on how to stop the Inheritors, Otto and Miles Morales have split the spider-heroes into two groups to achieve the same goal. While Otto was busy sending Spider-Force to retrieve the crystal containing the life essence of the Inheritor Solus, Miles' team took the fight to the Inheritors by raiding the New U facility before they could use its cloning technology to produce more cloned bodies.

Though he was against them rushing in unprepared, Otto and his team joined the fight as added backup to help even the odds. The Inheritors were able to make a new body for Solus, but without his soul it's just an empty shell. With the main battle serving as a distraction, the Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Norman Osborn and Octavia Otto attempted to destroy the cloning laboratory. They were ultimately unsuccessful in that part of the mission and were forced to retreat, but important intel was gained.

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As the two sides exchanged information, Norman pulled the Spiders-Man (a thousand spiders who believe they are Peter Parker) to the side to run an idea by him. Norman doesn't like their chances of winning the Spider-Geddon, and has started to survey the battlefield to scope out the best path to victory. If the Inheritors aren't stopped now, their reign of terror will spread to more Earths -- including his. But if they trap the Inheritors on Earth-616, it would stop them from traveling the multiverse.

The only problem with Norman's plan is the Inheritors would potentially kill everyone on Earth-616. According to Norman, that would make Earth-616 an acceptable loss. Though his plan seems vicious on first glance, it almost makes sense. It's all a matter of looking at the big picture and prioritizing many lives (the multiverse) over a few (those on Earth-616).

Also, the Web Warriors tried trapping the Inheritors on a radioactive Earth back in 2014's Spider-Verse, and they still found a way to escape. So there is a possibility the same thing could happen here. Norman's insane idea could be blamed on his exposure to the unstable Cosmic Cube, which gave him a glimpse at other realities and the Web of Life and Destiny. After seeing different variations of not only himself but other spider-heroes, Norman has his eyes on the big picture. Hopefully, the big picture doesn't involve the total destruction of Earth-616.

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