Spider-Geddon Just Set Up a Sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man Game

Spider-Man PS4 Miles Morales

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Geddon #0 by Christos Gage, Clayton Crain and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Marvel Multiverse is populated with many Spider-Men and Spider-Women, but aside from Peter Parker, a strong case can be made for Miles Morales as one of the most popular heroes. After replacing the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man in 2011, Miles had starred in numerous solo series, guest-starred in the Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man animated TV shows, and will soon headline the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse feature film in December.

Marvel Comics is continuing its trust in the young Spider-Man by relaunching his solo comic from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Garron, while also announcing the Spider-Geddon event will put Miles, not Peter, in the starring role.

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Of course, there could be an opportunity in the future to add an extra spotlight on Miles Morales, and that comes from the PlayStation 4 Marvel's Spider-Man video game. The game set many sales records for Sony by forging its own tale while including many familiar faces from Spider-Man's world. The game ended with Miles gaining his spider-powers, but it stopped short of having him suit up to swing through the skyscrapers of New York City.

The PS4 Spider-Man made his Marvel Comics debut in Spider-Geddon #0 when the Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius, came to Earth-1048 to recruit him to fight against the returning Inheritors. Once the duo stopped Tarantula's crime spree, they checked in on that reality's Otto, who went from being a brilliant scientist and mentor to Peter Parker, to losing his mind and becoming the villain Doctor Octopus.

However, Otto wasn't the only character to get a quick cameo appearance. Before leaving with Superior Spider-Man, Peter met with Miles to ask him to keep an eye on things while he was gone, theoretically opening up the possibility that a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man could take place while Peter is gone and Miles fully becoming a Spider-Man.

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Marvel's Spider-Man wouldn't have gone through the trouble of introducing Miles and giving him powers if it didn't intend to focus on him in future installments. As widely popular as the game is, Sony would be crazy not to greenlight a sequel. Miles should, and most likely will, play an important role, but instead of teaming up with Spider-Man, Spider-Geddon #0 has opened a doorway for Miles to be the lead.

2018 has been a banner year for Miles Morales, but the future looks bright for the budding superhero. After conquering comics, animated television and movies, the next logical step is video game superstar.

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