The True Cause of Spider-Geddon is Finally Revealed

In the lead-up to Spider-Geddon (in last week’s Issue #0 and this week’s Superior Octopus #1) we see that a team of Spider-heroes calling themselves the Web Warriors have taken on the responsibility of guarding over the Inheritors and dismantling their home of Loomworld, returning everything they’d stolen from various dimensions back to where they belong. Due to the radiation on Earth-3145, however, the Web Warriors could only monitor the Inheritors by sending in Spider-Bots to record and observe, bots that would inevitably be destroyed by the hunters once they were discovered.

At the end of Spider-Geddon #0, it was revealed that the Inheritors had been destroying the Spider-Bots as they entered their bunker and harvesting the parts within for their own means. Now, thanks to this week’s Superior Octopus #1, we know what they had planned for over 50 broken Spider-Bots: They’re building a transmitter. The Inheritors, in their prime, had perfected the art of cloning, meaning that whenever they were killed they were able to transmit their consciousness into a clone body and live again. Now that they have the transmitter, all they need is the cloning technology to send their signal to.

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Superior Octopus #1 starts to fill in the gaps between the last time we saw Otto Octavius in Amazing Spider-Man #800, where he was going by the title Superior Octopus, and when we saw him in last week’s Spider-Geddon #0, where he’s back to being the Superior Spider-Man. When we see Hydra return to impose their will on Otto (he joined forces with them during Secret Empire), the villainous Gorgon turns him to stone with his eyes and shatters his body. Thinking him defeated, Arnim Zola is shocked when Otto emerges from behind them seemingly unharmed.

Already in a cloned body himself following the Clone Conspiracy event, Otto has built his own machines based off the Inheritor technology he witnessed during Spider-Verse. This not only grants him effective immortality but, more importantly, he’s accidentally created a receiver for the Inheritors’ signal, something that the hunters capitalize on by the end of the issue. The Web Warriors can only watch in horror as they see the Inheritors finally escaping their prison and returning to life -- on Earth-616, no less. This mistake will no doubt cost every Spider-hero across the multiverse as the Inheritors once again break loose and Spider-Geddon begins next week.

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