Spider-Geddon Basically Shows Us What the Disney/Fox Merger May Lead To

WARNING: the following contains full spoilers from Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 by Jed McKay, Gerardo Sandoval, Brian Reber, and Corey Petit.

The best thing about Spider-Man is how Marvel has literally taken the idea that he can be anyone to heart. A Spider-Man that's actually a pig? That exists. A Spider-hero based on an alternate reality version of a girl he loved? That exists, too. It's allowed for some truly wild and interesting concepts to emerge from the possibilities and expand the idea of what a Spider-Man story can be.

This, of course, means that a punk rock anarchist version of Spidey exists too, and Hobie "Spider-Punk" Brown kicks off the Spider-Geddon event Marvel's been hyping up over the summer with an Edge of Spider-Geddon one-shot.

While the sequel to 2014's Spider-Verse event will once again see the Spider-heroes of the multiverse come together to fight the Inheritors, the Edge of stories serve to show what certain Spider-Men and Women do in their own universe when they're not being threatened by evil vampires. And true to his anarchic nature, Spider-Punk is found fighting an enemy only he could appropriately go toe to toe with: capitalism.

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Specifically, Punk takes on Kang the Conglomerator, fresh from the year 2099 of this universe, sporting a purple suit to show that he means business. In the future, Kang owns everything associated with Spider-Punk -- as in life rights, merchandising... everything. Well, except the comics; according to Kang, they don't make him a lot of money, but the movies certainly do. Kang being Kang, he decides to just lift Spider-Punk from his present time and cart him back to 2099, since he does own the rights, in order to turn an even bigger profit.

So Spider-Man is fighting... basically the nightmare scenario of what a good amount of people imagine the Disney/Fox merger will eventually lead to. Kang quite literally weaponizes Spider-Punk against himself, with little plush dolls that look like the hero praising capitalism and spouting off "Anarchy!" and "Fight the power!" as they chase him through a punk rock version of New York. It's a dystopia of a different breed, one much more personal for a hero who already fought and succeeded in overthrowing a tyrannical regime.

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