Spider-Geddon's 15 Deadliest Spider-Men, Ranked

In 2014, the Spider-Man comics were dominated by the Spider-Verse event. This huge crossover had Peter Parker learning the inhuman Inheritors were hunting down the Spider-champions of various alternate realities. Thus, Peter teamed with a slew of Spider-People to fight them off. The saga was notable for numerous alternate versions of Spider-Man showing up. That included everyone from Uncle Ben and Aunt May to some twisted versions making appearances. The big addition was Spider-Gwen, who became so popular that she earned her own book. Now, a sequel is arriving in the pages of Marvel's Spider-Geddon.

The Inheritors are back and once more on their deadly hunt. Once again, the Spider-champions of other realities are coming together to fight them off. But a turn has come as half of these Spiders want to deal with the Inheritors by lethal means and the other half can’t agree with that. Thus, the two sides may wipe each other out before the Inheritors can. As with the first event, the fun is seeing so many different versions of Spidey abounding. Some are noble but others are harsher and showcase the dark ways the character can turn out. Here are the 15 deadliest Spider-Men in Spider-Geddon ranked to show this event is drawing out a darker side of the iconic hero.

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He popped up in Spider-Verse and is making a return visit in this event. This Peter Parker hails from a world where the Old West never went out of style. He rides about on a horse that he even dresses up in Spider regalia (because, why not?). An expert gunslinger, he uses pistols for either bullets or his webbing.

The fact this is a guy confident enough to ride a horse into battle shows how skilled he is. He also lives by the code of the time, meaning he has no problem dealing out lethal justice if the occasion calls for it. This Spider-Man (who calls himself Web-Slinger) has joined Ock’s side and shown he’s deadlier than his Lone Ranger motif might indicate.


Here’s another character just introduced in this event and already making a mark. This world’s Peter Parker was on a plane ride with his parents when it crashed in the Savage Land. That hidden prehistoric area is home to dinosaurs and other strange creatures. A baby Peter was found and raised by giant intelligent spiders. He now has their abilities as he defends the Savage Land from Wilson Fisk and other outsiders.

Yep, it’s a Spider-Tarzan. As the name indicates, he’s a brutal fighter and lives by the law of the jungle. He may not go for high-tech like his counterparts but this Peter lives up to his Savage nickname nicely.


This bizarre figure has a twisted origin. On his Earth, Peter Parker perished in the accident involving the radioactive spider. That radiation spread to various other spiders who then gathered together to form a new Peter. Somehow, this “hive mind” thinks it is Peter and goes around as Spiders-Man.

In battle, the spiders actually come apart for the “webbing” and attacks. It also leads to the gross sight of spiders falling off the form. Naturally, this means a dark mind as proven by how he’s willing to join a Norman Osborn Spider-Man. This pack of Spiders may be deadlier on their own than a dozen different Spider-champions.


One of the biggest video game hits this year has been PS4’s new Spider-Man game. Fans hailed its great play and controls as well as its compelling story of a young Peter Parker handling various enemies. In a huge twist, this Spider-Man is the one that takes the spotlight in Spider-Geddon instead of the regular Earth 616 Peter.

He’s not handling working with Otto Octavius well but doing his best to manage it. His terrific suit adds to his power and the experiences of his game mean he’s tougher than he seems. This Peter may be the key to victory in the event and video game fans already know how terrific a fighter he can be.


Introduced in a prelude mini-series, this Spider-Kid is like a throwback to a 1990s character. He has no issues with his secret identity, as shown when he just walks up to some punks on the street and takes them down. He refuses to answer to Peter Parker, instead calling himself Charlie. He gets upset when someone tries to lecture him on power and responsibility. He doesn’t seem to care what people think about him yet still goes around helping him.

The kid has a huge chip on his shoulder but makes a compelling character. He could cause some major trouble if he’s not careful which makes him much deadlier than most would expect.


Not much is known about this figure. He popped up in the Edge of Spider-Geddon prelude series to rescue another Spider-Man and claim he has his own plan. Theories are mixed about who he is. One is that he hails from a world that’s a radioactive ruin and the suit is protection. Another is that he’s a space explorer. There’s also how his costume is reminiscent of Agent Venom and resembles Flash Thompson.

Regardless, it’s clear he’s a tough fighter and packs a serious cannon as well. When he makes his presence known, it’s likely this Spider will show he has what it takes to win by any means.



Takuya Yamashiro is the Spider-Man of Earth 51778. Here, he was a resident of a super high-tech Tokyo who gained powers from an alien spider. In battle, he’s a great force with his agility and strength. He’s also a first-class inventor. However, his biggest weapon is Leopardon, a full-scale giant robot.

He’s used it in the battle with Otto asking the obvious question of why Takuya just doesn’t use it all the time. The robot has its own sentience and Takuya sees him as a friend. A Spider-Man who can command his own Gundam-sized vehicle sure ranks among the deadliest.


This character has been a huge winner since he was introduced in the first Spider-Verse event. Hobart Brown hails from a world where Norman Osborn rules. He began as a punk rocker rallying people through his music. After that famous accident, Hobart used his new powers to strike against the establishment.

His cool costume has added to his popularity with his leather jacket and spiked motif. Hobart even uses his guitar as a weapon for some encounters. That attitude makes him very dangerous and not above taking brutal measures in a fight. Whether as a rocker or a hero, Hobart is a lethal fighter.


Don’t let her looks fool you. On another world, Doctor Octopus was a heroine when most of her planet was wiped out in an invasion. She is as brilliant as the Earth-616 Otto Octavius and has a good sense of humor. However, she also has been deeply hurt by her experiences and still has the same DNA of Octopus.

Her metallic arms are a great weapon and she’s willing to fight hard to win. She has joined Otto’s side in this conflict, showing she is willing to do what it takes to win. She may look cute but Octavia proves that even a gender-flipped Octavius is a major threat in any conflict.


Scarlet Spider Kaine

A clone of Peter created by the Jackal, Kaine was driven mad by the experience. He took on the persona of a ruthless killer who had no qualms dishing out lethal measures. He’s been bumped off a few times but keeps coming back. Right now, he works as the Scarlet Spider and is trying to be a hero.

However, Kaine is still a guy willing to do what it takes to win, no matter what. He’s a terrific fighter who uses “stingers” along with his webs. While he can tone it down and respects Peter, Kaine is also a deadly fighter who knows what it’s like to walk on the dark side. In this conflict, he can let his evil persona take off once more.

5 Ben Reilly

Once, Ben Reilly was like Peter’s brother. A clone created by the Jackal, Ben spent years on the road before returning to New York. He took on the identity of the Scarlet Spider to aid Peter. For a time, Ben believed he was the real Peter and took over as Spider-Man. He appeared to fall fighting the Green Goblin. However, it turned out he was alive only to be brutally tortured by the Jackal. It caused Ben’s mind to snap and he embarked on a plan to “fix” the world via clones. After Peter stopped him, Ben set up shop in Las Vegas and is trying to atone for his actions.

While he seems better, Ben is still very dark and prone to violent measures. This makes his presence in this event a major spanner in the works.


Her nickname can’t be printed in a family publication. In the Old Man Logan future, all the super-villains get together to wipe almost all the heroes out. An aged and blind Clint Barton had an affair with Jessica Drew that produced a daughter, Ashley. He gets Logan to help track her down as Clint believes she’s a good heroine. Sadly, he discovers she’s as corrupt as any crook and just wants to take over a territory.

She sees no issues with taking on lethal measures in a fight and her sardonic attitude can make anyone an enemy. She defends it on the harsh world she grew up in while fitting in well with the more ruthless agents of this team.


True, it looks like he’s already met his end. Yet this Spider-Man has shown an amazing ability to come back from seemingly death before. He hails from a world based on the 1930s and his suit is designed to help him blend into the darkness. His world is far darker so this Parker uses guns and has no qualms dealing with enemies in a way that would make the Punisher proud.

In the first Spider-Verse event, this Noir man would argue about using ruthless means to deal with their enemies. He was doing the same against the Inheritors in the sequel. Should he make a return, you can expect that attitude to continue and make him a deadly force.


For a famous period, Otto Octavius took over Peter’s body to become a Superior Spider-Man. He took part in the original Spider-Verse event thanks to a whacky time travel bit. Otto has been reborn into a new body and taking up being a “Superior Octopus.”

Pulled into this, Otto naturally is taking charge, donning his old suit and boasting only he can save the day. He is utterly ruthless in a fight and leading to a split among the Spider-Men to take out the Inheritors by any means necessary. Absolutely brilliant and arrogant, Otto will go to any length to gain victory no matter the cost.


What’s worse than a Spider-Doc Ock? A Spider Green Goblin. Newly introduced in this event, this Norman Osborn hails from a world where he mixed in the radiation of a spider with his Goblin formula. The experiment cost the life of Norman’s lab assistant, Peter Parker while also mutating Norman with multiple arms. Norman is fighting in Peter’s memory although it’s less about responsibility and more “with great power must come great sacrifice.”

Any version of Osborn is twisted and this is no different. Indeed, the latest issues have him making a plan to take out the Inheritors even if it means sacrificing the rest of the Spider-Men. In any form, Osborn is always the most ruthless enemy.

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