Sphero's BB-8 Gets Even Better with the Power of The Force (Band)

In the big wind up to last year's premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," toy company Sphero unleashed onto an unsuspecting world a little, app-enabled, remote controlled BB-8. And the internet -- and possibly the world -- was never quite the same.

Well, Sphero's back with an upgrade to the BB-8 unit, a wearable device called a "Force Band." Resembling a wrist-watch of sorts, the Force Band allows users to control their BB-8 droid through a series of hand gestures, no app required. With a wave of the hand, the user can "tell" BB-8 to move forward, return and stop.

Witness the Force Band in action in this video:

Originally announced in February, Sphero introduced the Force Band as a new way to interact with the little app-enabled droid at Toy Fair 2016. The device not only controls the BB-8 unit, but it also lets the user know, via voice prompts, if there are any Holocrons in the area, as well as emitting a series of blaster and lightsaber sound effects.

If you already own a BB-8, fear not. The Force Band will be sold both separately and as part of a BB-8 "special edition" set that features not only the Force Band, but a "battle damaged" BB-8, as well. The Force band is expected to retail for $79, with the special edition bundle retailing for $199. Both units will be available for purchase September 30.

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