Spencer Shifts Off "Supergirl"

It appears that DC Comics "Supergirl" is back to moving through writers faster than a speeding bullet.

The publisher announced today via a post its The Source blog (a post branded as being about the "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents") that incoming "Supergirl" writer Nick Spencer will not continue in the long term, in fact only co-scripting January's issue #60. The co-writer of that issue, relative uknown James Peaty, will stay on as solo writer from there.

"Supergirl" editor Matt Idelson had this to say in the post: "When I was deciding who should write this 'Supergirl' arc, I knew I needed someone who could not just write a good story, but bring their own unique vision to an in progress story. I've worked on and off with James Peaty over the years and had been looking for the chance to do so again. James is no stranger to the DCU, having written adventures for Green Arrow, the Justice League, the JSA, Batman, and Supergirl."

Peaty's previous experience at DC includes having written "Supergirl" #33 for Idelson as well as "Green Arrow" #51, "JSA Classified" #34 and a number of stories from the company's Johnny DC kids line.

The move marks the latest in a long line of creative shifts for "Supergirl." After this most recent series relaunch lost its ongoing writer when Jeph Loeb took a Marvel exclusive, writer Greg Rucka left after only one issue to be replaced by a string of writers including Joe Kelly, Tony Bedard and Kelley Puckett before most recent writer Sterling Gates brought a relatively lengthier run to the book. Gates last issue on the title shipped to shops this week.

While Spencer was not quoted on the Source piece directly, the publisher cited his commitment to "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" as a contributing factor to his shifting off the assignment. UPDATE: Spencer has since shared the following on his Twitter account: "Okay all, breaking some bad news today - I won't be doing 'Supergirl' after all. But hey, nobody cry for me! All kinds of cool stuff coming up in 2011, so stay tuned and all that."

For more on this story, see The Source, and for more on the future of "Supergirl" stay tuned to CBR.

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