Spencer & Locke 2’s Villain is a Twisted Version of Beetle Bailey

Action Lab Comics today revealed exclusively to CBR a first look at concept art for one of the central antagonists of Spencer & Locke 2, the follow-up to David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr.’s 2017 series Spencer & Locke. That series imagined a gritty crime drama in the same vein as Calvin & Hobbes, with an adult detective, Locke, solving crimes alongside his imaginary friend, a giant panther named Spencer.

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The comic strip parodies will continue in Spencer & Locke 2 when the debut issue introduces Roach Riley, a former soldier whose traumatic past has led him down a path of villainy. Roach’s inspiration is drawn from the Beetle Bailey comic strip created by Mort Walker in 1950. Roach won’t be a lovable U.S. Army private, though -- far from it.

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“We’ve told fans from the beginning that there was a much larger universe for Spencer & Locke to explore -- and we’re excited to expand their world further with their latest adversary, Roach Riley,” Pepose said in a press release. “Half The Deer Hunter, half Heath Ledger’s Joker, Roach is only the beginning of Locke’s latest gauntlet, as every classic comic strip from your childhood will be fair game for parody in our action-packed sequel.”

Spencer & Locke garnered attention for its comic book allusions, incorporating elements of not only Calvin and Hobbes, but also the likes of Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns. The sequel series will keep with the trend, including numerous allusions to both famous comic books and comic strips.

"I think people that enjoyed the first volume will love where Spencer & Locke 2 takes them,” Santiago Jr. said. “In both scale and scope, Spencer and Locke will have a lot more riding on things with Roach lurking in the shadows."

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Comic-Con International in San Diego attendees will be able to get their hands on an exclusive variant cover for the debut issue illustrated by Joe Mulvey.

Spencer & Locke 2 #1 goes on sale in comic book shops and via digital download in Winter of 2019. David Pepose is the issue’s writer. Jorge Santiago Jr. is the main artist. Jasen Smith is the colorist. Colin Bell is the letterer. Santiago Jr. illustrates the main cover. Maan House and Joe Mulvey provide variant covers.

Exclusive early concept art for Roach Riley can be found in the gallery above, along with illustrations of various characters set to appear in the debut.

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