Spencer, Eisma wrap <i>Morning Glories</i> Season 1, announce Season 2

Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma will bring the first "season" of Image Comics' slow-burning mystery Morning Glories to a close in March with a double-sized Issue 25, priced at $3.99, followed by a special $1 prelude to Season 2.

"It'll be a great jumping-on point to the single issues for all the trade readers who may want to start following us monthly," Spencer told Comic Book Resources. "Then the Season 2 premiere will hit with No. 27, which will again be double-sized and $3.99. And that will have a whole host of pretty awesome variants by some of my favorite artists. We're moving into a big stretch of high-profile issues to get people excited about the new season."

The series, which debuted in 2010, centers on the sinister and deadly secrets of Morning Glory Academy, a prestigious prep school that's actually involved with the torture and murder of its students as well as investigations into the occult and supernatural phenomenon. Spencer said that, with the 44-page Issue 24, due in February, myriad story threads fall into place. "No. 24 is its own beast, but what you now see is that all the different things we threw out to you from issue #12 and the third arc overall fit together," he said. "That's how you want a season to end! It's going to make for a pretty cool issue #25 too. Really issues #24 through 27 are going to be all season=ending stuff and leading into Season Two. Once we're in the middle of that, people will see the collision points."

Morning Glories #22 and #23 are on sale now.

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