Spencer and Locke Teases a Third Miniseries

It appears a third Spencer & Locke miniseries is in the works.

A new teaser has surfaced online featuring the stuffed panther, Spencer, ripped to shreds and clutching a pistol while sitting inside a chalk outline, with the words "Coming Soon" beneath him and scratch marks spelling out "III" above him.

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Debuting in April 2017 from Action Lab Entertainment, David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr.'s Spencer & Locke followed a hard-boiled detective named Locke as he solved a brutal murder with the only partner he could trust — his imaginary talking panther, Spencer. However, when their investigation stirred up a vicious crime syndicate and memories of Locke's traumatic past, the pair had to survive long enough to uncover the mystery and bring the culprits to justice.

After much critical acclaim, Hitman producer Adrian Askarieh optioned the movie rights to the series in July 2017 and in October of that year, at New York Comic Con, a sequel titled Spencer & Locke 2 was announced.

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That being said, with this year's NYCC just around the corner, it could be just a matter of time before we find out what's to come.

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