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Slow Blow: 15 Speedsters That Are Way Faster Than The Flash

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Slow Blow: 15 Speedsters That Are Way Faster Than The Flash

We all know Barry Allen as the self-proclaimed “Fastest Man Alive,” but how true is that title? After all, the TV show has consistently shown that there are other speedsters who could easily outrun him. Reverse-Flash made him look like a mere child, Zoom laughed in his face and Savitar basically mocked his slowness. However, this trend doesn’t begin and end with the TV show, as the comics have consistently shown Barry getting his butt handed to him by speedsters who are much faster. As a matter of fact, many of the best Flash comics involve him trying to outrun another speedster (without the help of a ridiculous Tachyon Device at that).

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Even his enemies aren’t the only people to outrun him, as Barry has built an impressive Flash Family of fast allies he can call on for assistance. Some of them don’t quite reach the high speeds that Allen paved the way for, but others make him look like a chump. Barry Allen is no longer the Fastest Man Alive, no matter what he may say, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it. Read on to see our list for 15 speedsters who could outrun the Scarlet Speedster.



The first Flash still has some tricks up his sleeve. While he’s much older now, Jay Garrick, in his prime, could easily have outrun Barry Allen without even breaking a sweat. He managed to run at the speeds of light and left an amazing impression over the DC Universe.

He continued to operate as an older man, but did slow down due to his age. However, his mastery over the Speed Force was still evident, as he ended up becoming the mentor to many younger Flashes. He taught many useful tricks to Barry himself as well as being a prominent member of the Flash Family. Even when not using the Speed Force, Jay can still move faster than the speed of sound, leaving Barry Allen in the dust.


The Savitar in the show is drastically different from the Savitar we saw in the comics. First appearing in Flash Vol. 2 #108, Savitar was a Cold War pilot who was struck down by a bit of lightning. After landing behind enemy lines, he discovered that he had a new set of powers and became obsessed with them. Naming himself after the Hindu god of motion, Savitar became a prideful tyrant capable of running at amazing speeds.

Savitar definitely lived up to his name, being one of the fastest speedsters to ever live. He even mastered the ability to grant kinetic energy to other objects as well as heal his injuries seconds after they ever happened. These abilities are far beyond those of Barry Allen’s, and that makes what happened in the first issue of The Flash:Rebirth a good thing.


Impulse Bart Allen

Another speedster from the future, Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen, and holds a lot of his father’s legacy. After an event caused him to go back in time, Bart found himself right at home on the heels of Wally West and his own grandfather. He took up the role of Impulse for a while before eventually taking the mantle of Kid Flash to help out the current Flash (Wally West).

Having the Allen genes, Bart is extremely fast. After taking the mantle of The Flash, he managed to completely absorb the Speed Force and reached speeds that other speedsters could only dream of. He was one of the fastest Flashes to have ever lived, both living up to his namesake as well as his grandfather’s legacy.



Professor Ivo wanted to find a way to destroy the Justice League, but knew that he wasn’t powerful enough to do it all by himself. Then he came up with the sinister idea of taking the powers of the various League members and putting them into one single entity.

He quickly began work on the robot that would become Amazo. Once it was attacked by a metahuman, it would learn and adapt to their own powers. It gained the fighting knowledge of Batman, the flight and heat vision of Superman and, most importantly, the speed of The Flash. However, it not only managed to replicate The Flash’s speed, but even surpassed that of the Scarlet Speedster. It took the teamwork of the entire League to bring Amazo down.



While Future Flash is technically still Barry Allen, it is a different version of him with different motivations, so we’ll count it here. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, many aspects of him were placed into the CW version of Savitar, just as many people predicted at the time (Future Flash isn’t as clear cut of a villain as Savitar is though).

Future Flash was a Barry Allen who existed in a future where Wally West lost his life. Making a vow to making things right and making sure that criminals received their recompense, he traveled back through time, annihilating most of his famous rogues. Eventually, he came to the present-day Barry Allen and Wally West, where the three engaged in an epic battle. Spoiler alert: Future Flash won.


While the Marvel and DC universes have their share of gods, they clearly don’t have enough myths in their stories, because Greek and Roman mythology are included in their stories. Take the DC universe for example. Wonder Woman is the literal daughter of Zeus. Another mythological god that has appeared in DC is Hermes, the super-fast messenger of the gods.

Having to travel across the universe to deliver messages, Hermes is one of the fastest people to ever exist. While the question remained of how fast he was for a while, Injustice: Gods Among Us (the comic book, not the game) showcased him fighting The Flash. As you might imagine, he was making a fool out of the Scarlet Speedster and mopping the floor with him for joining Superman’s Regime.



There are different versions of the Reverse-Flash in the comics, and the second most memorable one is Hunter Zolomon — the arch-enemy of Wally West. He was once an FBI agent who lost his job but remained working to bring down the criminal underworld. He worked with West on numerous cases but eventually lost the use of his legs in a terrible accident.

Here’s where things get a little complicated. Zolomon did end up in an accident that allowed him to have the appearance of a speedster rather than being a speedster. Access to the Cosmic Treadmill made him able to bend time to his will. He often slowed it down, giving off the appearance of moving extremely fast. He managed to outrun The Flash with this method several times. It may not be a pure outrunning, but we feel it’s important to include him.



Jay Garrick is an old speedster, but canonically, Max Mercury is even older. While he didn’t come in the picture until Flash Vol 2 #76, Max Mercury has a history in the DC Universe. He had been operating since the 19th century and learned the ability to time travel to be able to chase down villains and help out other speedsters.

He worked with several other speedsters to take down villains like Savitar and also became a mentor to Bart Allen when he traveled from the 30th century. Max Mercury would leave a huge impact as the “Whirlwind of the West” on the DC Universe, being one of the fastest speedsters to exist. However, his time would only be temporary, as he was eventually targeted by another villain.


Starting this list off with a bang is one of the newest rogues to add to Barry Allen’s collection. Introduced in the Flash’s Rebirth series, Godspeed was the result of a Speed Force storm giving super speed to all sorts of people in the area. This resulted in a villain who not only had a cool costume and name, but was a mental and physical challenge to Barry.

It was later revealed that Godspeed was so fast that he could be in two places at once, a skill that not even Barry Allen was fast enough to master. This new villain tested Barry’s strength to the ultimate limit and was a great move from DC to open up their new continuity. Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of Godspeed.



There are many speedsters across the Multiverse, and not all of them have good intentions. On the world of Earth-Three, there exists a runner known as Johnny Quick (not to be confused with the heroic Earth-One speedster of the same name). This man would later become one of the founding members of the Crime Syndicate and would help launch an assault against the Justice League and Justice Society.

Johnny Quick knew that he wasn’t quite fast enough to get the job done, so he cheated and fashioned himself a helmet that would amplify his connection to the Speed Force as well as increase his overall top speed. Johnny proved to be a formidable foe before finally meeting his end during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but would later return because comics.


Barry Allen’s archenemy was always the Reverse-Flash. Wally West’s was Zoom. Jay Garrick’s was a speedster known as the Rival. Originally a man known by the name Edward Clariss, he was a professor who was desperately trying to recreate the chemical that turned Jay Garrick into The Flash. His colleagues laughed at him, so he decided to turn to a life of crime to prove his point.

He took a dark costume similar to Garrick’s, and used the new formula to battle him. While the serum proved to be temporary, Clariss eventually entered the Speed Force, where he became pure energy. He used this new power to take over the body of Max Mercury and reach new top speeds that he didn’t even think were possible beforehand.


Wally West was one of the fastest Flashes alive, but we felt that the one speedster that deserved a spot more than him was his own daughter, Iris West II. This little girl, while thought to have no powers at first, quickly showed a natural connection to the Speed Force and then some.

Iris is a true Speed Force conduit and has mastered the connection to it, more so than any speedster to have come before her. Wally was already faster than Barry himself, and Iris is even faster still than her dad. She can use her connection to manipulate time around specific people and even repair other speedsters’ connections to the Speed Force. She is an impressive runner and will go down in history as one of the fastest kids alive.


Walter West was a speedster very similar to Wally West. He was in love with Linda Park and had immense Speed Force powers. However, one fateful day saw a villain battling him. The end result was Linda being killed at the scene, and Walter never quite recovering. He then went on a journey to rid the world of criminals (as most grieving superheroes do). When he heard that there was another Linda Park in another universe, he decided to travel there to see for himself.

The events that spawned are known as the “Dark Flash Saga”. In it, Walter West decides to try and take the place of Wally West, including his happy marriage to Linda Park. The two of them go at it for a while, with Walter proving that he is the superior speedster.


There are many legends of the Grim Reaper that exist in the world. Once a person lives their life as long as they’re allowed, the Reaper comes to pay them a visit and personally escort them to the afterlife. This is not just a legend of the human world, but a reality to those who draw energy from the Speed Force.

Any time a speedster reaches the confines of death, they often see a Black speedster hovering, ready to take them in. Whether this entity exists because a regular reaper would be too slow to catch them remains to be seen, but the truth is that it’s a horrifying creature regardless. It’s faster than just about any other speedster in existence, and became even more sinister when Barry Allen became the Black Flash during “Darkseid War”Nobody outruns death.




What speedster list would be complete without Eobard Thawne? This Flash fan turned villain from the future would become the greatest adversary Barry Allen would ever face in his life. He was the man responsible for the death of Nora Allen and shaped the man Barry would eventually become.

Eobard is a manipulative maniac and would resort to extreme methods to kill Barry. Often mocking Allen due to his superior connection to the Speed Force, Thawne would make his name known to the entire DC Universe. He even manipulated Barry into saving his mother and screwing up the entire timeline in the infamous event known to all as “Flashpoint”. He wants nothing more than for Barry to be tormented and end up dying a painful death.

Are there an other speedsters you think can outrun The Flash? Let us know in the comments!

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