'Specwar,' a look at Special Ops. Forces coming soon

[Specwar #1]SAN DIEGO, Ca., -- Long before current events put them in the spotlight, America's Special Operations Forces have been quietly and heroically risking their lives to protect our country. To many, these brave men and women are nothing less than "superheroes," and one man is determined to portray them as such. A new action comic book, self-published by a retired Navy SEAL and based on real world special operations similar to those currently being conducted around the globe, is about to debut.

SPECWAR (an acronym for Special Warfare) is based on the ongoing adventures of a hand selected Special Operations combat unit, a Navy SEAL-like group. SPECWAR is unique among comic books in that it is based on realistic characters conducting potentially real world missions. The action will be as real as today's headlines - terrorists, extremists, rogue nations, drug kingpins, insurgencies, biological and nuclear threats, etc.

Just how realistic will the SPECWAR series be? Very, if the Preview Edition published last July is any guide. Even though it was created prior to September 11, the plot involved an attempt by terrorists to blow-up lower Manhattan. "Although 9/11 came as a shock to everyone, such an event was always contemplated as a worst-case scenario among security planners" said Mr. Lauria.

[Specwar #2]Published by Peter Four Productions, the SPECWAR series is the creation of Frank Lauria, a retired Navy Commander and a decorated, twenty-year veteran of the Navy SEAL's. Having served and worked with every branch of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, and the Special Operations forces of over 25 foreign nations, he brings a unique, real world back background to this "reality" based comic book series. Mr. Lauria is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Master's Degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval War College.

"I've been a die-hard comic book fan since I was a kid" said Mr. Lauria, and it was "only natural for me to base the SPECWAR series on what I knew best, i.e., real world Special Ops. Our Special Ops forces may not have any superpowers, but they do some pretty amazing things, and until recently, the public had no idea just how formidable they really are"

About Peter Four Productions

SPECWAR is the first monthly series from Peter Four Productions, an independent publisher of comic books. Peter Four also publishes comic books on a "custom" basis for educational, religious and governmental organizations that seek an alternative to traditional print media as a means to reaching wider audiences.

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