10 Reasons Spectacular Spider-Man Is Loved By Fans To This Day

Spectacular Spider-Man is possibly the greatest incarnation of Spider-Man of all time. Put down the pitchforks, torches, and hashtags, please. This list will touch upon elaborations of that bold statement pertaining to the web-slinger.

The Kids' WB (CW) Network premiered the series on March 8th, 2008. The series brought quality within its animation, design, concept, and writing. It unfortunately also brought along nostalgic baggage due to the high expectations of fans from the 1994 Spider-Man animated series. Spectacular Spider-Man had the misfortune of debuting in a time when 90s Spider-Man fans were maturing along with their criticisms and nostalgia. Here are the Top 10 Groundbreaking Concepts In Spectacular Spider-Man The Animated Series that will shed light upon the brilliance of this show.

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10 Action Scenes


The action scenes within Spectacular Spider-Man rival that of the Spider-Man film franchise. They rival any action film period. This is due to the investment in the characters and their designs. They each have a specific body type that adheres to their maneuvers and power set. It isn't a CGI fist-fest where every rendered character fluidly moves the same.

For example, Venom is a beastly slick character. Therefore he moves like a slick beast. Electro is a radiating ray blasting character. He utilizes distance and electric projectiles against Spider-Man. For a prime example of this, please visit episode eleven of season one titled Group Therapy. Spider-Man battles the Sinister Six. Need I say more?

9 Character And Design


As much as the fans love the 1994 Spider-Man animated series, they must admit some of the characters were tissue paper thin. Shocker shocks. What a surprise? The Spectacular Spider-Man took those character foundations and built upon them. Now this Shocker was a former enforcer thwarted by Spider-Man. He seeks revenge like any Southern outlaw would. Get a better weapon.

Another aspect to touch upon is the re-vamped designs. Rhino, The Lizard, and Sandman are merely updated versions of their previous looks. This allows them to be easily identified. However, there are some beautiful, started-from-scratch re-designs in the appearance of Electro. Gone are the green tights and yellow starred mask. This Electro is capsulated in a containment suit that protects his uncontrollable electric emissions from himself and others.

8 Uncle Ben

Every true Spider-Man fan understands that Uncle Ben along with his depressing death were the catalysts behind Peter Parker's heroic journey. However, the repetition of this notion has sprouted controversy amongst. It's been joked about how many times audiences have seen Uncle Ben die.

The Spectacular Spider-Man was ahead of the game. They don't touch upon or show how Uncle Ben was murdered. It's implied but also explored. The exploration comes within Peter Parker's subconscious. Audiences see and feel how Peter deals with the depression of losing his one father figure. This comes in the form of interactions with Aunt May, his friends, and even the villains he battles.

7 Symbiote Saga

The Symbiote Saga is one of the most infamous Spider-Man storylines of all time. Stemming from the previously mentioned Uncle Ben excerpt, a great episode to visit is season one's episode twelve called Intervention. Spider-Man battles the allure, intrigue, and brutal impulses the symbiote costume grants him.

The tormenting bout takes place within Peter's psyche. The symbiote believes it can consume Peter from the inside out. However, Peter has the memory of Uncle Ben in his corner. The question is, will Peter be able to prevail against the symbiote's temptation? The symbiote makes a great case catering to Peter's depression and sense of hopelessness.

6 Kissing Rings

The Spectacular Spider-Man understood and respected its source material. It also kissed the ring of the previous iterations of the Web-Head. Touching once again upon Intervention, episode twelve of season one, this series welded the brilliance of the comics along with the admiration of the Sam Rami Spider-Man trilogy.

The episode peeled panels from Amazing Fantasy #15 regarding Spider-Man's origin and animated them to the show's respective style. Audiences also see a familiar sight when Peter converses with Uncle Ben in his '73 Oldsmobile Delta 88 about great power bringing upon great responsibility. Thank Sam Rami and The Evil Dead franchise for Ben's clunker.

5 Love Letter To The Fans

Do not panic. Intervention is not the only great episode of the series. The entire series hinges upon Spider-Man fans and their love for the characters. Hence why so much respect was given and showcased within The Spectacular Spider-Man series.

Episodes like Natural Selection from season one episode three allow Spider-Man to be Spider-Man. Audiences witness the physical struggles against foes like The Lizard. They also spectate to the social, economic, and familial issues Peter must contend with. Those are true staples to the heroic and human endeavors Spider-Man has become known for. The Spectacular Spider-Man has that in spades.

4 Peter Parker And Eddie Brock

Peter Parker and Eddie Brock have been adversaries in and out of costume. Eddie always stumbled behind Peter at The Daily Bugle. A lot of Eddie's misfires at work caused him to hate Peter along with Spider-Man. This is a rivalry that has worked for decades.

The Spectacular Spider-Man made their dilemma much more personal. Throughout the series, Peter and Eddie are showcased as best friends linked by a common tragedy. It may seem odd and different but it works in the long run. Audiences begin to witness the decay of this immense friendship. That draws for more intensity and drama once the two do battle. This head to head comes to fruition in season one's finale entitled Nature vs Nurture.

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3 Green Goblin's Aura

The Green Goblin will forever be Spider-Man's arch-nemesis. No valid arguments can be made otherwise. The Spectacular Spider-Man made sure this notion was hammered home.

Throughout the entire series, a lingering aura can be felt within almost every episode. Something always felt off or manipulated. This is the beauty and villainous genius behind The Green Goblin. Audiences were more than well accustomed to Norman Osborn and his dual identity. The Spectacular Spider-Man took that knowledge for a bumpy ride throughout the entire series. There are more twists and turns involving The Green Goblin within the series than a pretzel rollercoaster.

2 Continuity

Quite possibly one of the most endearing and enduring portions of The Spectacular Spider-Man is its continuity. Every episode leaks into and influences the next one. This gives a sense of construction and establishment of time, space, and character.

For example, episode two of season one entitled Interactions establishes the character of Max Dillon, an employee of Curt Connors. A freak accident ultimately converts him into the villain known as Electro. The following episode, Natural Selection, brings Curt Connors' dilemma to the forefront. The serum that leads him to become The Lizard was introduced and finalized by an accidental shock from Electro in the previous episode. Miniscule increments and details of that nature build a more believable world in which Spider-Man exists in.

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1 Writing

The superb writing makes it feel real. This series feels as if Spider-Man could exist in real life. A large portion of this is due to the central character of Peter Parker. His interactions with friends and relationships at Midtown High School ground him to a sense of reality.

His conversations with Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, The Osborns, and Eddie Brock mirror discussions audiences have had with their loved ones. The showrunners seemed to add dashes of costumed heroics along with levels of action to boost the series above all its predecessors. The Spectacular Spider-Man is a well-rounded and developed version of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Its brilliant writing is to thank for this high praise.

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