Speakeasy's "Of Bitter Souls #1" makes mad dash for the checkout line!

Monday, August 22, 2005: Toronto, Canada

Speakeasy Comics is proud to announce that "Of Bitter Souls #1" has sold out of it's initial print run at Diamond Comics Distributors. Speakeasy Comics, one of the most exciting new publishers in the industry, will be re-printing the first issue which will be available for retailers soon.

"'Of Bitter Souls #1' selling out marks the second time in a matter of months that a first issue has sold out for us", said Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Publisher. "'Atomika #1' sold out as well!"

Chuck Satterlee, the series creator and writer, had this to say, "I am shocked, pleased, excited and blown away all at once. We have been getting some great reviews and I guess that helped. I am so happy to have sold out of our first issue! I hope they like 'Smoke & Mirror' just as much!"

"Smoke & Mirror," Satterlee's other Speakeasy published series, debuts in comic shops on September 7.

Satterlee and industry legend, Norm Breyfogle ("Of Bitter Souls" artist) will be signing at ACME Comics (2004 Will Eisner Spirit Of Comics Retailer of the Year Winner) on Saturday, September 17th (also there will be Phil Hester) and at Krypton Comics (2005 Will Eisner Spirit Of Comics Retailer of the Year Nominee) on October 15th. Satterlee will be signing at Daydreams Comics in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday, September 24. Look for the Of Bitter Souls / Smoke & Mirror team to be in attendance in one form or another in Toronto (August 25-27). Minneapolis/St. Paul (October 8-9), and Columbus, Ohio (Nov 26-27).

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