Speakeasy to Publish "Atomika"

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada -- November 12, 2004 – Just a few short days after announcing it was open and ready for business, Speakeasy Comics President Adam Fortier today announced the first creator-owned title to debut in the pages of Previews under the new Speakeasy Comics banner – Atomika #1!

In an alternate past -- where the Revolution has become the State -- Liberty has been destroyed and the gods now walk the Earth. Now, a new power is rising. Forged in the fiery bowels of the planet, Atomika is the first man-made deity, both a God of Technology and of the 21st Century.

"I first met Sal [Abbinanti, creator and artist of Atomika] through his other job as Alex Ross' Business Manager during the past convention season where Alex and the Alex Ross Art Booth were a fixture at nearly every show," said Fortier. "Sal and I, it turns out, have been developing our own comics for about the same amount of time, and we discussed how we were going to offer them to the marketplace. When I started putting Speakeasy together, I gave Sal a ring and he jumped on board!"

When asked about his new publisher, Sal Abbinanti has this to say, "Speakeasy – 'Like Coca cola in the desert'. Speakeasy's a young company that is providing creators a venue to flourish without the boot of the corporate editors on our necks." Abbinanti also teased Atomika by adding "…think Superman meets Fellini."

For the debut issue, Abbinanti called on his good friend Alex Ross to provide the cover, and has a few more surprises planned for future issues as he pulls from his extensive rolodex and network of friends.

Created and penciled by Sal Abbinanti (with inks by BUZZ, JSA, Vampirella), written by Andrew Dabb (Ghostbusters, Megacity909), and featuring a cover by superstar painter Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels), Atomika is a groundbreaking story of men, supermen and the forces that shape our reality.

Fans and Retailers should look for Atomika #1 in the Speakeasy Comics Section of the January, 2005 (for products shipping in March, 2005) issue of Previews. Be sure to check out both www.speakeasycomics.com and http://www.mercurycomics.com for more art and information on Atomika!

Look for more information on the continued development of Speakeasy Comics in the weeks to come!

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