Speakeasy Releases New Work from Yoshitaka Amano

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada -- November 19, 2004 – Continuing the rollout of initial titles available from the new publishing house, Speakeasy Comics announced today a new title from master artist Yoshitaka Amano as together they debut Hero!

Searching for the woman whose love he has never doubted, Hero crosses history and continents. Hero needs to know the reasons why his beloved Lady begs his forgiveness, and only by following her from Parisian cemeteries, to the Las Vegas strip and to Kyoto, can he hope to discover the truth- not only of his own love story but also of his Lady's betrayal.

"Amano is such an incredibly talented creator and artist," said Adam Fortier, President of Speakeasy Comics. "I am honored beyond words that he chose Speakeasy to publish this, his first work for the American comics market since Elektra [the Redeemer for Marvel] and Sandman [The Dream Hunters for DC]."

One of the original concept artists for the Final Fantasy series of video games, along with creation and design of such characters as Vampire Hunter D and Gatachman (know as G-Force, or Battle of the Planets in the United States), Amano now focuses his creative vision on his own creation – Hero!

The artist himself added the following comments: "Hero is the first project I initiated from ground zero. I created the basic concept and started working on it not because I was asked by somebody, but because I just wanted to do it. It is a story of a journey beyond time and space, searching for one's love and soul. I've been working on it for over 3 years now and been having great time. I hope the readers will enjoy it as the way I'm enjoying making it."

Set for release in March, 2005, Hero #1 will be presented as a 96 page "prestige format" comic, featuring full illustrations by Amano and accompanying text telling the tale. Retail price will be $9.95 US.

Fans and Retailers should look for Hero #1 in the Speakeasy Comics Section of the January, 2005 (for products shipping in March, 2005) issue of Previews. Be sure to check out www.speakeasycomics.com for more art and information on Hero!

Look for more information on the continued development of Speakeasy Comics in the weeks to come!



Formed in 2004 by Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.


Adam Fortier started his comics career working in retail at the young age of 15. After attending University, he spent time as a programmer for Xerox, starting a multimedia company with some friends, and moving from Multimedia to computer animation. From there, he met Dreamwave Productions, where he helped the company launch Transformers as a new comics project. Early in 2003 he stopped working with Dreamwave, and started working with such diverse publishers as Devil's Due, UDON, and IDW Publishing.

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