Speakeasy Previews New Titles and Issues

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada – March 25, 2004 – Speakeasy Comics today announced the availability of new online previews from five of their titles, each available at the official Speakeasy site.

Each preview features the first five pages from that particular title and issue, and is available for FREE at the URL's listed below! Enjoy!

* ATOMIKA: In an alternate past -- where the Revolution has become the State -- Liberty has been destroyed and the gods now walk the Earth. Now, a new power is rising. Forged in the fiery bowels of the planet, Atomika is the first man-made deity, both a God of Technology and of the 21st Century.

ATOMIKA #2 -- PREVIEWS ORDER #FEB053039FIVE PAGE PREVIEW AT: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/atomika_preview.htmlFeaturing a cover by world-renowned painter Glenn (Preacher, Hellblazer) Fabry!

* RAVENOUS: Inspired by the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe, writer, artist and creator Dawn Brown presents Ravenous -- a new work that draws from the master while offering a startling new mystery of its own. Ravenous is the main feature in this collection and is a fully illustrated 100 pages of suspense and mystery.

RAVENOUS -- PREVIEWS ORDER #MAR053120FIVE PAGE PREVIEW AT: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/ravenous_preview.html

* THE GRIMOIRE: Featuring the writer and artist team of Sebastien Caisse and artist Djief (of the Grafiksismik art collective), The Grimoire is the debut issue in a planned series of titles that introduces new characters, new worlds, new heroes and new villains.

THE GRIMOIRE #2 -- PREVIEWS ORDER #FEB053040 FIVE PAGE PREVIEW AT: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/grimoire_preview.html

* BEOWULF: A new series from Speakeasy Comics and creators Brian (Flash, Duel Masters) Augustyn and Dub (of the Grafiksismik art collective)!

BEOWULF #1 -- PREVIEWS ORDER #FEB053041FIVE PAGE PREVIEW AT: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/beowulf_preview.html

* THE HUNGER: Charlie gets more than he bargained for out of his Mardi Gras in the Big Easy when a Caribbean gangster kidnaps, murders and resurrects him to life as a zombie. Now, Charlie must find his way home in a world where the mystical is not only real, but a dark threat to his day-to-day unlife. All while his new existence as one of the undead throws him into homicidal fits, alerting law enforcement agencies and leaving a trail for those who would exploit his newfound magical power. By Jose Torres and Chris DiBari.

* HUNGER #1 – PREVIEWS ORDER #MAR053117FIVE PAGE PREVIEW AT: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/hunger_preview.html

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