Speakeasy For October

Official Press Release

August 18 2005, Toronto, Canada -- Speakeasy Comics today announcedreleased their October shipping titles, including several new series!

Featured in the pages of Previews, and available now for Pre-Order fromyour local specialty retailer, look for each in October!

Art and information can be found at the links provided for each title.

New To Speakeasy: "Elk's Run Bumper Edition #1" (AUG053101)

The edition recollects the first three issues of impossible to find indiesensation 'Elk's Run' graced by a gorgeous new cover by Darwyn Cooke, withan introduction by Steve Niles.

New To Speakeasy: "Kindly Corpses #1" (AUG053105)

Up until now, Dr. Hempel has lived a simple, reclusive life as a forensicdoctor. But when bizarre corpses show up on his doorstep, and the Ministryof Death imposes new, demanding guidelines, the good doctor will learnthere is much more to the world around him than he ever bargained for.

Featuring fully painted art by Ivica Stevanovic.

New to Speakeasy: 'Lonebow #1" (AUG053106)

Dane Walker has inherited the mantle of protector of Hope City. Living offhis family¹s estate, Dane has grown tired of his privileged existence andseeks true adventure and justice wherever he can find it. As LONEBOW, hispowers of uncanny aim and steelskin make him a single vigilante threat toabolish all crimeSbut will his methods make him that which he fights todestroy?

Written by George T. Singley ("Mutation," "Super Crazy TNT Blast!", "Wargod,""Shocking Gun Tales") with Artwork by Freddie E. Williams II ("Wargod,"Shocking Gun Tales, Chance of a Lifetime, Project EON) and Sean ³Cheeks²Galloway (Wildguard, Hero@ Large, Teen Titans Go!).

New To Speakeasy: "Season Of The Reaper: Winter #1" (AUG053112)

(Part one of a three issue limited series)

As the White Man conquers the West near the turn of the century, adesperate family huddles in a mountain cabin during a winter storm.Neighboring Indians rescue the family and nurse an injured boy, John, backto health despite the famine and their treatment by the White settlers.

John is uneasily incorporated into the tribe and consoles himself bydrawing lifelike pictures from memory. The pictures are brought to theattention of the tribal council, who recognize John¹s talent forphotographic, realistic drawings is like the White Man¹s camera: he stealssouls by capturing their images. The tribal elders realize who and whatJohn is: Death itself, robber of souls. What will be John¹s fate now?

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Adventures of Bio Boy #2" (AUG053100)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=59

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Gatesville Company #2" (AUG053102)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=52

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Hero At Large #2" (AUG053104)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=53

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Mutation #4" (AUG053109)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=55

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Of Bitter Souls #3" (AUG053110)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=56

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Smoke & Mirror #2" (AUG053113)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=57

Continuing From Speakeasy: "Super Crazy TNT Blast #2" (AUG053115)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=58

Continuing From Speakeasy: "The Hunger" #6 (AUG053108)http://www.speakeasycomics.com/release.asp?rid=54


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