Speakeasy Announces Sell Outs

Official Press Release

September 9 2005, Toronto, Canada – Following what looks to be a weekly trend, Speakeasy Comics have announced another round of sold-out comics!

Both Grimoire #5 and Beowulf #4 from Hawke Studios are no longer available from either the publisher or its distributor in the Direct Market, Diamond Comics. [Speakeasy notes that some copies of the sold out titles may still be available from your local retailer.]

Speakeasy has no plans to go back to press on these two titles at this time.

Look for Beowulf #5 and Grimoire #6 in stores next month!

BEOWULF #5 (JUN053151)

The lines are drawn and war breaks out hard between Beowulf and the forces of the Knights of the Blood in issue #5 of the all-new Speakeasy comic book series Beowulf!

With Beowulf left for dead, the Knights move forward fast with their agenda of containment, control and, if needs be, extermination of the new super-beings. When the battle finally comes it will be all out and someone will pay!


Amandine's battle with Medea goes from bad to worse. Mother and daughter both make mistakes, summoning the wrong people at the wrong time. With the enormity of her mother‚s condition becoming clearer and her father still imprisoned, what can Amandine do next?"

And look for these titles in comics shops this week:


A new series debuts from Speakeasy Comics!

Danger! Bio Boy is walking the plank of the Latifahs, a band of Hip Hop She-Demon Pirates! A Robosquider is on the attack! And N-16 has betrayed BB for the bling bling! When the fight comes from all sides can Bio Boy possibly win?!

Welcome to the first issue of the universe's hottest game show comic! BIO BOY is a fast paced, light-hearted, sci-fi adventure book about a cyborg teenage boy growing up in spotlight dealing with all the things a teenager deals with including giant monsters, an arm that transforms into his own robot, mischievous mechanics, and game show contestants that want you dead!

Written and Created by Sal Cipriano with art by Andy MacDonald and Jok; Cover by Andy MacDonald and Nick Filardi.

SMOKE & MIRROR #1 (JUL053064)

A new series debuts from Speakeasy Comics!

When a materialistic, young Chicago lawyer is forced to represent an aging old man pro-bono, changes take place that will forever change both of their lives. Luke Gabriel learns that there is more to life than money when he discovers Silas Binder's past.

Silas Binder was a superhero in his youth, back in the fifties. He was one half of SMOKE & MIRROR, a superhero duet made up of Silas, the mystical spell chanting master of magic who went by the name Mr. Smoke. His partner, Miss Mirror was a speed heroine with the ability to harness heat energy and release it in powerful blasts.

Something happened to make Mr. Smoke hang up the cape. Ms. Mirror has long since passed.

Now a new hero roams the streets of Chicago. He simply goes by the name SMOKE. Luke is mentored by Silas as he takes up the struggle of good versus evil. And wouldn't you know it…Ms. Mirror's great-niece has been starting to develop powers.

With flashbacks to the golden age of comics in every issue, SMOKE & MIRROR is a truly original full color, monthly title from Speakeasy Comics.

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