Speakeasy Announces Four New Projects

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Toronto, Canada – January 6, 2005 -- Fresh from the pages of Previews comes the announcement of two new titles from Speakeasy Comics -- available now for pre-order from the comics shop nearest you -- and two new titles to be solicited in future issues of Previews – the Comics Shop Catalogue!

The two titles scheduled for shipping in March, 2005 are part of the reason Speakeasy even exists:

"These are titles I've been working on with a group of friends and comics creators for quite awhile now," explained Adam Fortier, President of Speakeasy Comics. "And as I've said before, thinking of where to publish these titles is what led me to create Speakeasy in the first place."


"For all the enchantments, devices and creatures to be found in the cursed Grimoire, its most potent power might be this: whoever holds it will find his or her fate bound to it. Amandine should know - it has become a tragic family affair. The Grimoire is passed on to her from the hands of a mysterious masked stranger, and what starts out as a walk to a friend's house becomes the first steps of a life's adventure!"

So begins a magical and mystical journey with The Grimoire #1! Featuring the writer and artist team of Sebastien Caisse and artist Djief (of the Grafiksismik art collective), The Grimoire is the debut issue in a planned series of titles that introduces new characters, new worlds, new heroes and new villains.

Look for issue #1 in March (DCD ITEM #JAN052934) with each issue offered at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/grimoire.html


A new series from Speakeasy Comics and creators Brian (Flash, Duel Masters) Augustyn and Dub (of the Grafiksismik art collective)!

All over the world there's a startling outbreak of super-powers among previously normal human beings. This bizarre wave of incredible change evokes terror in some, suspicion and cynical calculation in others. Only one man saw it coming, and he's been waiting for it for fourteen hundred years!

Once called Beowulf, now the great warrior lives in Manhattan and goes by the simpler name of Wulf. He alone knows that a coming world-threat has triggered the sudden power influx, but not even Wulf is in the dark as to what horrific shape that threat will take. In any case he makes his plans, bides his eternal time and waits for trouble to start.

Look for issue #1 in April with each issue offered at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/beowulf.html

Also unveiled were two future projects, scheduled for shipping in May (Look for more ordering information in future issues of Previews and from Speakeasy Comics!). Again, Speakeasy President Adam Fortier explains how these titles fit into Speakeasy's master plan:

"I'm looking to offer strong, diverse comics for the Direct Market and our partners in comics retailing. Adding titles like Ravenous and The Hunger to our already announced Atomika, Amano's Hero, Grimoire and Beowulf, solidifies our promise and our plan of delivering that strength and diversity. And there's more coming!"


"Something bad is happening in Good Fortune. A serial killer is ravaging this sleepy little town, leaving his victims sliced in two. A young detective races to piece together this puzzle before the killer can strike again."

Inspired by the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe, writer, artist and creator Dawn Brown presents Ravenous -- a new work that draws from the master while offering a startling new mystery of its own. Ravenous is the main feature in this collection and is a fully illustrated 100 pages of suspense and mystery.

Also presented in this 152 page collection are select offerings by Poe (The Pit & The Pendulum, William Wilson, The Mask of the Red Death, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven), reprinted in their entirety and featuring accompanying illustrations by Brown. These pieces inspired Brown's story and complete Ravenous as an introduction to Brown's work, as well as Poe's classic tales.

Look for Ravenous in May, with a suggested Retail Price of $14.99; For art and more information, please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/ravenous.html


Charlie gets more than he bargained for out of his Mardi Gras in the Big Easy when a Caribbean gangster kidnaps, murders and resurrects him to life as a zombie. Now, Charlie must find his way home in a world where the mystical is not only real, but a dark threat to his day-to-day unlife. All while his new existence as one of the undead throws him into homicidal fits, alerting law enforcement agencies and leaving a trail for those who would exploit his newfound magical power.

The chase is on but one question remains: How far will Charlie get before The Hunger consumes him or he consumes all those around him? Look for the answers in May from creators Jose Torres and Chris DiBari!

Look for issue #1 in May with each issue offered at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/hunger.html

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