Speakeasy Adds Three More Titles in Early '05

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada, February 1, 2005 – Speakeasy Comics announced today that it has struck publishing agreements with a new round of creators, bringing their projects together under the Speakeasy Banner. These new projects continue Speakeasy's commitment to developing both new talent and providing diverse materials for consumption in both the Direct and Mass Markets.

"We've been working very, very hard since our official launch -- reading through submissions, finalizing plans, and lining up projects," explained Speakeasy President Adam Fortier. "I'm thrilled beyond words at the reaction from all segments: retail, reader and creators, to the projects announced thus far, and to what we have lined up for early Summer."

The company also announced that they were completing an online right-of-passage and opening their own forums, located at the Speakeasy Website. The forums can be accessed via the Speakeasy home page: http://www.speakeasycomics.com

The new projects announced also spotlight Speakeasy's commitment to not only diverse content, but diverse formats in that several Original Graphic Novels will be part of this new offering, alongside regular monthly comics.


As Curt Corey accepts his obligation to protect an ancient Egyptian artifact, he inadvertently begins an epic adventure that will decide his destiny and the fate of the planet. Wargod, the avenging son of Osiris, is resurrected and sent to Earth to continue his age old conflict with the nefarious god Sutekh and protect all of mankind from his impending evil. Wargod is our last hope...can he stop Sutekh and his army of soulless minions? Will the great beast Apep devour all of humanity?

One thing is for sure - the Gods are coming!

Created and Written by George T. Singley (Mutation, Shocking Gun Tales, Headcase) with Artwork by Freddie E. Williams II (Shocking Gun Tales, Chance of a Lifetime, Project EON), Wargod is an epic tale of betrayal, powerlust, and ultimately abolition.

Look for the full color, 48 page Wargod One-Shot Graphic Novel in June, to be offered at a suggested retail price of $4.99; For art and more information please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/wargod.html


If you could become anything you wanted to… what would you be? If you could do anything you wanted to… what would you do? Would you be a hero and enjoy the countless accolades? Would you be a villain and revel in destruction? Or would you just be.

Trent Tyson struggles to answer these questions everyday of his life as Mutation… protector of the fabled Silver City, where Heroes and Villains abound…

Mutation delivers non stop action, adventure, and fun!

Created and Written by George T. Singley (Wargod, Shocking Gun Tales, Headcase) with Artwork by Ethen Beavers (Justice League Unlimited, Noble Causes, Six, Shocking Gun Tales), Mutation morphs its way to you monthly by Chimaera Studios and Speakeasy Comics.

Look for the full-color, 32-page Mutation #1 in July, with each issue to be offered at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/mutation.html


Peter Orbach wants to live. It's too bad he didn't realize this earlier; it won't do him much good now that he's in Hell...

Peter isn't the first person to believe he shouldn't be damned, but he may be the first that's objectively correct. Somehow, his soulless body still lives...and from all appearances, it's doing great without him...

Written by Andrew Foley (Jeremiah: The Last Empire), with Art by Scott Mooney (Diaries of a Moon-Man) and Nick Craine (X-Statix), PARTING WAYS follows one man's journey down two separate paths.

Look for the black and white Parting Ways Graphic Novel in July, offered at a suggested retail price of $12.99; For art and more information please visit:http://www.speakeasycomics.com/partingways.html


Formed in 2004 by Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.


Adam Fortier started his comics career working in retail at the young age of 15. After attending University, he spent time as a programmer for Xerox, starting a multimedia company with some friends, and moving from Multimedia to computer animation. From there, he met Dreamwave Productions, where he helped the company launch Transformers as a new comics project. Early in 2003 he stopped working with Dreamwave, and started working with such diverse publishers as Devil's Due, UDON, and IDW Publishing.

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