Spawn: Expect Dark McFarlane & Stan Lee Cameos In the Reboot


Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has revealed that he has cameos planned for himself and comic book legend Stan Lee in the upcoming R-rated reboot of the property.

McFarlane, who debuted the character to launch Image comics in 1992, is writing and directing the film, and makes it clear his and Lee's cameos will be ones that fans won't forget.

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McFarlane divulged the details during a panel at Ace Comic Con in Phoenix, Arizona. He shared the stage with Lee, who sparked the conversation by touting up his own history of cameos in superhero movies. “How many institutions do you ever have a chance to form? I created an institution – The Stan Lee Cameo,” quipped Lee. “I’m very proud of it.”

“Wow, you know what? I’m about to get ready to shoot a Spawn movie, I’m gonna put myself in it,” McFarlane responded. “That’s all I need – more competition,” Lee grumbled joked, before McFarlane explained that he had recruited Lee for his film, and that it wouldn't be the typical lighthearted cameo we've seen from Lee from Marvel Studios and Fox over the years.

“I want to do a dark anti-cameo, unfriendly Stan Lee, and he’s like, ‘Todd, I’m in!’ I’ve explained what I want to do, and he’s like, ‘Oh, cool,’” McFarlane said. “‘So, I’m not gonna be, like, the happy-go-lucky?’ I go, ‘No, you’re gonna be ugly. You’re gonna be this Schlitz-drinking, wife beater, three-day-old shave, snarly dude.' And he’s like, ‘I love it!’ So, we’ll see if we can pull it off.”

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McFarlane already had a cameo as a homeless man in 1997's Spawn movie. This take will be even darker, McFarlane promises, with Spawn taking on the role of a silent killer while battling demons, literally and metaphorically.

Blumhouse Productions will produce Spawn. No cast or release date has been announced.

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