Spawn: Todd McFarlane's Covers For Landmark #300 Issue, Revealed

Image Comics has revealed Todd McFarlane's covers for the upcoming landmark Spawn #300.

The two covers, which you can see below, show Spawn with a glowing fist. One is in black & white, while the other is in color. McFarlane also collaborated with Batman artist Greg Capullo on covers for the issue, as well as interior art.

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McFarlane will return to write and draw a story in September's Spawn#301, the record-setting issue, and he'll be joined by Capullo, Francesco Mattina, Jason Shawn Alexander, Clayton Crain, Jerome Opeña and more.

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Created in 1992 by Image Comics co-founder and President Todd McFarlane, Spawn follows former black ops assassin Al Simmons, who sold his soul to Hell when he was murdered by his old employers. Rising as the undead antihero Spawn, Simmons finds himself defending the Earth from both supernatural and technological threats. The popular character has appeared in various video games, television series and movies. With the publication of September's Spawn #301, the title will officially become the longest-running creator-owned title in mainstream North American comic books.

Spawn #300 goes on sale Sept. 4 from Image Comics.

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